ECHS February Newsletter

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Students and Parents

This last month has been a difficult time in our community, and I would like to thank all the parents, students, PCC staff and community members that have supported Alyson Hernandez’s family and friends during this tragic time. I have no words that will alleviate the grief and loss felt by those who were close to Alyson. The best I can offer is that our staff and community stand with all of you. None of you are alone in your grief, and we are here to support our students and families during this difficult time or any other challenges our students may face.

The strength of our program is in the close connection our counselors make with our students. They are here to support you in any way they can, and I encourage our students to reach out to our counselors for support. Below are additional resources that students and families may find helpful.

Thank you all for your support.

Michael Crandall

PCC and Community Support Resources

PCC Resource Centers

Veterans Resource Center,

Queer Resource Center,

Multicultural Center,

Women's Resource Center

PCC Counseling Services:

Free personal, career and crisis counseling services are provided to all PCC students free of charge and can be accessed through the Counseling office at Rock Creek (Building 9) and Sylvania (--). ECHS counselors are available to help our students access these services as well.

24-hour Resources for Parents and Students:

Lines For Life – Preventing Substance Abuse and Suicide, and Promoting Mental Wellness

Lines for Life is a regional non-profit dedicated to preventing substance abuse and suicide. We offer help and hope to individuals and communities, and promote mental health for all.

24-hour Washington County Crisis Line at 503-291-9111.

Class of 2020 Early College Graduation Ceremony

Senior Students and Parents... Mark Your Calendars

ECHS Graduation:

When:June 16th, 7:00pm

Where: Southridge High School

Senior Graduation Survey:
Earlier this week we sent a survey for our students to RSVP to the graduation programs they would like to attend. We have asked students to respond by February 21st. Please note that students can change their plans as the year goes on, but if they do, we ask that they update this survey. We will use this survey to report to home/option high schools and to distribute ECHS graduation ceremony tickets.

As there are a great many moving parts to graduation and our students have the opportunity to participate in more than one graduation, (ECHS, Home School ), we have created a link with graduation information and FAQ's

Please check the link and let us know about any additional questions we can answer

ECHS Fall Term Applications

If you have any friends or family interested in joining ECHS please encourage them to attend one of our information sessions and apply during the application window. Applications will open March 1st and close on April 30th.
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Oregon State Assessment

11th grade students and parents

During Spring Term all 11th grade students will complete the Oregon State Assessment in Reading, Writing, Math, and Science. These test are required for all ECHS students and is how our students meet the Essential Skills Graduation Requirement.

Our students test on their PCC campus and are proctored by our staff. To accommodate the time required to test we ask our students to not take classes on Fridays their Spring Term. The exception to this is CG140 as it is taught be our staff and we schedule the course around state testing sessions.

Please check in with your counselor if there are any issues with not having classes on Friday.

Juniors - 2020-21 Senior Day -Save the date, September 10th, 2020. Mandatory Meeting

Current Juniors. Please mark your calendars.

Our 2020-21 Senior Day will be held on Thursday, September 10th. This is a mandatory meeting for all 2020-21 seniors, and student attendance is required.

During Senior Day our staff outline all the necessary information for a successful senior year and a post-graduation transition.This event features alumni guest speakers, college admissions experts and financial aid consultants. Students receive their senior portfolios at this meeting which is essentially a comprehensive roadmap to navigating senior year and all important dates and deadlines for successful post high school planning.

Again, all seniors must attend this meeting to remain in our program. So, please make sure to mark your calendars now.

Parent/Guardian Career Mentors

A part of the CG 140: Career and Life Planning Curriculum we ask all students to conduct 3 separate informational interviews with professionals in a career field they are interested in pursuing.

If you are interested in being contacted by a current ECHS student to discuss your career please fill out this short survey. All parent/guardians must fill out the online BSD Volunteer Application to participate.

We very much appreciate your consideration.
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Spring Term Registration Reminders


Students have started to meet with their counselor to select courses for their Spring Term and update their graduation plans. In preparation for Spring forecasting I sent the message below to our students with reminders about course selection. You may find it helpful as you support your student in their Spring Term planning.

  • All students register for 12-16 credits each term. Any exceptions to this are rare, are typically health related, and require counselor, administrator and parent approval prior to that start of the term.

  • Any student below 12 credits is ineligible for OSAA clubs, sports and events.

  • All students have a mandatory meeting with their counselor to review their course selections, update their career/life plan and ensure they are meeting graduation requirements. Choosing to forego this meeting results in a registration hold on your account.

  • You must consult with your counselor if you need to change your schedule from what was discussed during your advising meeting.

  • Online courses – First term students and students on an academic support plan are not permitted to take online courses. Returning students and students not on academic support are permitted to take one online course per term. A “Hybrid” class does not count as an online course.

  • Students cannot take a class P/NP (pass/no pass) or AUD (Audit) as the grading option

1st year students, please remember that you cannot register for Friday courses Spring Term so that you can take the Oregon State Assessment tests. The only exception to this is a Friday CG140 course

Please remember that there are several courses that ECHS cannot pay for and others that require Parent and/or Counselor permission. Below is a list of courses that fall into that category.

Courses ECHS Cannot Pay for:

Courses requiring Parent Permission

  • Life Drawing: (Art 237 A, Art 237 B, Art 237 C) – See counselor for permission slip
  • Life Painting: (Art 277A, Art 277B, Art 277C) – See Counselor for permission slip
  • Evening Courses – any course that start after 5pm. See your counselor for a permission slip
  • Online courses – Requires counselor approval. Schedule a meeting with your counselor. Please note that hybrid courses do not require counselor approval

Courses with Fees that ECHS does not pay

Any courses that have private lessons: ECHS can pay for the class but not the private lesson fees. There are some language classes or music classes that allow for private lessons for example:

Thanks everyone and please check in with your counselor if you have any questions.

West T.V. Elementary Alumni: Scholarship Opportunity

All West T.V. Alumni who graduated from that elementary and plans to continue their education after high school graduation is eligible for the Debbie Olsen scholarship. The scholarship awards $1000 to the winner and attached is more information for those eligible.