Lord of The Flies Project.

By. Jeremy Robet Nestor

Jacks Tribe

Jacks is a dictator if I had to sum it up in one word. He is very hast about what goes down in his tribe. Its his way or the highway. He will beat up and use executive power to get his way. ''Which is better law and rescue or hunting.'' chapter 10.

Ralphs Tribe

Ralphs tribe can be described as a republic in many ways. one way it can be described as a republic is that he will listen to everyone's opinion and thinks before he acts. he is also isn't as savage as jack. Piggy was the omega of the group and ralph would still listen to him.(In gook example.)

My Choice of Govenment

My government would have more of a council elected by the people. Not just one chief and jobs would be handed out by experience. low end people would get fire wood keep fires going. medium people would hunt and gather food. and more experienced people would built houses and homes for everyone.

My contituion/

1. People have to listen to what others say.

2. People better do there job correctly.

3. If jobs are not done right they don't eat.

4.The only way food can be eaten is when your job is done.

5. you get 2 hours of free time in the day.

6. We get every 5th day off.

7. But only if we have done all of our tasks.

8. We will have a group fire at the end og every night to report what has happened through out the day.

9. No hunting unless there is two of you.

10.No stealing


You don't cooperate you don't eat.

Civil war

population: took a big hit when brothers were fighting over a battle field.

Land: it has also taken out city's and caused great damage.

Government: was torn into two with two different political views.

''we may all stay here and wait until we die.

isis and america

Isis is a terrorist group going around and cutting peoples heads off that don't agree with them. the Americans are trying to stop this Muslim organization. Isis is believing that god wants them to do this. When the Americans don't think god would want them going around and killing honest good people. our approach right now is to bomb the crap out of them to hope they lose. The strengths they have is that they keep grabbing more and more people with every town they take over or they will kill them if they don't join. (Mr.karl)
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