Jackson Gone WRONG

By: Alyssa Leal

"Spoils System"

A system where supporters, allies, family members, and friends get rewarded with a government authority job, simply because of the campaign's victory. Andrew Jackson chose normal everyday people to be government officials because they voted for him. This all happened because Jackson absolutely did not want rich people controlling the government. Trained, and educated officials were fired, while inexperienced farmers took jobs as secretary of state. Once again, because Andrew Jackson started from the bottom, and wanted people who were like him to take charge and rule America.

Indian Removal Act

Jackson allowed the Americans to "exchange" land with Native Americans because of the possibility of there being gold on their land. The Natives generally lived in Georgia/Southeastern United States. The land they planned trading with the Native was west of Mississippi and far less desirable than their previous land that they had lived on and taken care of for years. The Indians, Cherokee specifically, did not like this at all, so they ignored Jackson, and decided to file a law suit. They rightfully won their land, but Jackson forced them out with an army.

Killing The National Bank

After dealing with the Nullification Crisis, and being re-elected; Jackson is determined to shut the National bank down. Andrew Jackson believed the national bank only favored the wealthy. The purpose of the bank is to: supply people with loans to open up businesses, to issue bank notes, and it strengthens the government. Taking the bank down results into a weak economy and the United States falls into a depression.

Words from a Cherokee Member

Dear Writer,

Do I like Andrew Jackson? No. Do I think he should remain President? No. My people and I lived in happiness, and peace. Now, we have to be alert for other tribes, that may steal any of our limited supplies. How are we supposed to be safe when our enemies are right down the street? They stripped us of all of our possessions, and our pride. Andrew Jackson broke a national law, but we are the ones punished for it.

Words from a Jackson Supporter

Dear Writer,

Do I like Andrew Jackson? Yeah! Do I think he should remain president? Definitely! The guy gave me a job for voting for him! I was sleeping on my cot in my leaky roofed house, not knowing how to read, and then I was awoken by a loud knock on the door, it was the man himself. He offered me a job as State Senator of Maryland, and I accepted of course. I write this from my mansion in Baltimore, life is good, thanks to Mr. Jackson.