1st Grade Specials

Newtown Friends School :: February, 2016


First grade artists will continue to work on their "story quilt" pieces illustrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Each student chose a part of the speech to illustrate and will be using an oil pastel and watercolor resist method to color the work. Later we will add our own quilting aspects. Once we wrap up our study we will move on to a Native American art unit.


First grade will finish My Father’s Dragon. We will read a valentine story about friendship (Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink) and begin reading poetry, including yoga poems and concrete poems.


Students will continue to prepare for their show, “Wing it.” You should have received a practice CD in January, and you will be receiving a letter and script from me in next week’s Friday folder. Please help your child memorize their line. We will have some time this month to practice talking into the microphone! Our February composer of the month is Cole Porter.


In physical education class we will continue to develop our physical fitness and work on muscular strength, core and cardiovascular endurance. Our lessons at the beginning of this month will focus on jumping rope. Students will participate in a variety of jump rope games, skills and challenges in preparation for our school wide event Jump Rope for Heart. In February we play a game called Flag Grab that involves running, dodging and defending, Doctors vs Viruses that uses the skills of running, dodging and tagging, as well as other tag games and racing games. During the month we will use the rock wall one time. There will also be a bonus football activity the week of the Super Bowl!


First graders start off the month with a trip to the planetarium to explore stars and our solar system. They will learn that the sun is a star, what stars are made of, why stars are different colors, and how some stars are just the right size and temperature to support life. We will model our solar system, orbit the sun with colorful inflatable planets, and compare the sizes of objects in the Universe. We will also continue exploring patterns related to the sun which include seasonal patterns in the sunrise and sunset and why we have the seasons. It will be an illuminating month of space exploration.


February will be all about clothing, the weather, and seasons. First graders will learn to respond to the questions: What are you wearing? What is he/she wearing?. They will be able to give simple sentences such as: I’m wearing… and He/She is wearing. This unit will also culminate in a final project which incorporates technology. We have started adding questions about the weather to our classroom routine and we will continue practicing those phrases, along with other calendar vocabulary, each class. We will continue to recycle and review answering basic questions such as: What is your name? and How are you?

Upcoming Events:

Thursday 2/11 - Noon Dismissal, Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday 2/12 - No School, Parent-Teacher Conferences

Monday 2/15 - No School, Presidents' Day