the wolf who just wanted sugar 🐺

by sam

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a wolf which sometimes burped so loud that he could burp a house down. The wolf we were just talking about was in his house making his coffee and then he needed some sugar. The wolf said, “Great hamburgers! I’ve ran out of sugar!” So he went to the first pig’s house. The wolf asked little pig “Little pig are you in?” “Get lost Madman!" the first pig said. After that rudeness the wolf said, “I just want some sugar pretty please”. The pig said I don’t have any!”

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The burp

So the wolf was just going to leave but he felt a burp coming on then he burped his house down. After that burp the wolf forgot he hadn't had his lunch. After thinking about his lunch his lunch he looked around and found a pig squirming in the ground. He looked at his stomach and felt it rumbling. With no clue of what to do he just picked up the pig and ate him. He spoke these words to himself, "That was the best meal I've ever had! Oh I forgot I need to ask the second and third pig if I could borrow some sugar." When he got to the next house he said "Little pig, little pig can I borrow some sugar?" The pig replied, "Yo wolf get out!" After that the wolf said to himself, If I speak like him maybe he'll hear me out." So again the wolf spoke to the pig, "Yo pig can I borrow some sugar yeah?"


So this guys house was made from sticks and the wolf felt an even bigger burp coming. And burped the house down. After the wreckage he found a pig flying in the air so he got under the pig and when the pig came plunging down the pig screamed, "Ahhhhhhh!" The the pig was eaten by the wolf. After he ate the pig, the wolf said "What a wonderful dinner. That was so good it made me super fat!" So this time he thought about what this next guy was like. He thought for a moment, "this guy is probably nice". So he asked nicely "Little pig, little pig are you in?" The pig answered, Get away from my house of evil wolf!" After that screaching from the pig the wolf said, "I just want some sugar!" The pig said, "I don't have any, you stupid wolf!" The pig looked at his brothers' houses and saw that they weren't there and their houses were smashed. After looking at the houses, he looked back at the wolf and he was super fat, fatter than normal.

Then he finally figured out that he ate his brothers. So he called the cops and when they arrived they knocked on the door and said, "Hey pig get out here now!" He got out of his house and they asked him, "How did this happen?" The pig replied, "He went up to my brothers' houses and blew their house down, then went to my house and tried to trick me by saying, "Can I have some sugar and he also ate my brothers'." The wolf was wrong about the last pig being nice, infact, he was very cheeky.

The End.