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62% of women are sexually harassed in college

19% of women are sexually assaulted in college

12% of sexual assaults are reported to the police

17 sexual harassment reports have been filed with the department of education against Georgia schools in the last 11 years

34% of college survivors experience PTSD after the attack

33% of college survivors reported having depression after the attack

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Sign this petition to ensure counseling is available to students who are sexually assaulted and have no one to turn to.

Check out this nonprofit for more information about sexual assault

This non profit works on both the foot of charity and justice by not only helping victims, but also working to change legislation throughout the country

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Senator (your senator's name),

Sexual harassment and sexual assault is a serious problem in high school and college campuses in the state of Georgia. New measurements need to be taken to prevent sexual assault and institute stricter punishments against the perpetrators of sexual assault. To eliminate stigmas associated with sexual assault victims need to be provided counseling no matter their situation. I ask you to create awareness and support for these victims by instituting legislation that will decrease the rate of sexual harassment.


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