Live Oak Pumpkin Patch

Live Oak Courtyard

This month Live Oak creates its' own pumpkin patch!

If your child/family would like to donate a pumpkin to our patch, we would really appreciate it!! Sometimes in Texas, it doesn't feel like autumn so we have to make our own fall scenery. The pumpkins are out there till November. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, the pumpkins are pretty ripe and need to be removed. In other words, you probably won't be getting the pumpkin back! The pumpkins really add to the excitement of fall with the scarecrows, gourds, etc.

Pumpkin Kickoff

Friday, Oct 5th, 2pm

Live Oak Elementary in the Courtyard 8607 Anderson Mill Austin, Texas 78729

At 2:00 on Friday, October 5th, the school is gathering in the courtyard to kickoff the Pumpkin Patch. Students can start bringing their donated pumpkins to school the next week!

What is happening?

The staff starts the pumpkin rolling by donating their own pumpkins if they want. The students are told they can bring one but they don't have to donate one. Having the pumpkin patch creates a wonderful place for outdoor lessons and for the fall cookout!