have perseverance to win

By: Aayush Parikh in May 2015

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Problem and solution for rolling in dough

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cause and effect for Preparing to win

A comparison between Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt's adversities

Jackie Robinson was one of the first blacks to get into the Major Leagues. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the first people in America to care about Blacks. Robinson was the one of the best baseball players in the world and he is known over the whole world. Roosevelt on the other hand is known over the US as the president’s wife and over the Black community. They were both civil to the black community.

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A chorological order of Shackleton’s life at during their Antarctic adventure

First, Shackleton and his crew sailed to Antarctica

Second, their ship got stuck in ice and the ship sunk

Then, they setup camp near the ship

Later, all of them went to Elephant Island and created a dwelling.

After, some people went to get a new ship and save the others on the island

Finally, the rescue party came and saved the rest and became a symbol.

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Describing Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was the prime minister of England and the UK. When he went on to depression even though he was in depression he was resilient and he became the secretary of state of air and navy. Later in his life he became the PM again (4th Term).

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Everyone needs perseverance even if you are not well known. These are just some examples. You really just need to believe and perceiving is easy. Be resilient to adversity for perceiving to be easy.