Safety's Stop

By Paige Hazelrigg

Buckle up!

When you think of a bus what do you like of? Yellow, big, helpful, but are buses as safe as possible? We all want what is best for kids, right? We know school is important, but could transportation be a problem? How could we make buses safer? Have you ever thought about adding seatbelts? School buses should have seatbelts.
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Accidents happen, but in this situation were kids as safe as possible?

Let's Drive!

When you are in a vechicle do you like or use the seatbelts? Well, it turns out 64% of people like seatbelts! This makes me think about when you are in a crash how seatbelts could protect you from getting badly injured. Could that be the main reason, people like seatbelts?
There have been more than 1,214 school transportation crashes throughout a 10 year time span! Did you know 35% of crashes are from school transportation? What is really bad is that in 9 years 116 school age children die from school transportation accidents!
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In The Real World...

In the real world we have real school bus crashes. Could you imagine what it woukd be like to be in a school bus crash? Or even have figured out the science behind them?

Crash Course!

Anyone can be involved in a bus crash. Like your sister, cousin, brother, and really anyone. There are also many case scenerios. Like this one, "On Thursaday at 7:15 six children were killed in Western France. When a school bus and heavy truck collided, 15 children were involved in the crash with at least 3 ending up in the hospital due to injuries. That was the second one in two days," -New York Times. In this true story you are able to see how common a bus crash can be. It can be at anytime, anywhere, and happen to anybody. This makes me wonder, if there were seatbelts in that school bus would the turn out be any better?

Chance To Change!

With seatbelts on buses so much would change! Even though seatbelts wouldn't fix the entire problem it would cover most of it! Parents would feel so much better about their school sytem if buses were as safe as possible. In 4 years 26% of students changed schools. If buses were safer would that percentage go down at all? Almost everytime a bus crashes kids get injured. How would the parents act? Could parents do something agenst the school or would they stay calm? We don't know but I don't think anyone wants to take any chances!

Last Stop!

School buses are everyday idems. Yes school buses are yellow, big and helpful. Are they are safe as possible? I don't think so. So now when you think of school buses will you ever think of them as safe as possible? I think school buses should have seatbelts.