Act 5 Scene 1: "Out damn'd spot"

Version 2 Rupert Goold and Version 3 Orson Welles


From version 2 she is sleep walking saying so many things about the death of Banquo. She was feeling guilty about it. Even though she was sleeping she was still feeling really guilt about it and having lots of regrets. She is going to wash her hands from all the blood that she is hallucinating and from the faucet blood is coming out as well. In version t 3 there aren't many similarities other than Lady Macbeth sleep walking out of her bedroom. Shouting and screaming cries of regret about what has happened to Banquo. Version 2 was more accurate in my opinion because in the setting was supposed to be inside and the people were supposed to be only Lady Macbeth, the Doctor and the Gentlewoman. I liked version by Rupert Goold mostly because it was just more modern.

Brief Explanation from Essay

One Difference I noticed between the two versions was the settings version 3 was outside and Lady Macbeth saw Macbeth and that didn't happen. It was significant because once she saw Macbeth she was holding him and then she woke up saw him and starting screaming and running away. I honestly like the one directed by Rubert Goold. It was just more accurate and overall more understandable to me I honestly like that one a lot better I just used to seeing more films like that.