Amana 5th grade Newsletter

Ms. Hess and Mrs. Baxter

Class News 12-4-2015

On Wednesday we visited the Amana Museum to decorate the trees with our beautiful origami ornaments. Then, we went to see all the town's Christmas trees at the Festival Hall. If you get a chance to go, some of the class favorites were the pirate ship tree made by the Old Creamery Theatre as well as Millstream and the Humane Society tree.

We also finished presenting our collaborative fairytales. Your student will be coming home with their co-written story. We were so proud of all our authors and illustrators!

Students have been learning how to use Google more. In Social studies, we presented our landform slide and now are going to be creating a Google slide on a Native Culture. We realize that presenting is hard for most students and therefore we will be doing this more often. Friday, we invited each student to read their favorite poem! Shel Silverstein was a class favorite with his rhyming!

We would like to encourage students to continue to work toward their PLP goals set in October. A major one would be memorization of multiplication facts.

CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Hess' class for winning their 2nd SPARK PE Award for the month of November! We are great at showing leadership in PE and in the classroom!

Thank you for sharing your students with us each day! What a gorgeous day it was today!

Learning Goals:

Math: I can use the formula for volume and calculate the cubic units. I can remember and be able to use place value and exponents.

SS: I can identify the continents, oceans and landforms.

Writing: I can read and take notes on a Native American tribe.

Reading: I can pick out a theme of a narrative or free verse poem as well as identify if there is rhyme or repetition. I can understand that the same word can have different meanings such as match(a game in volleyball or wrestling) or match(a piece of wood that can start a fire).

Holiday Gift Exchange

Dear Families,

We will be celebrating the season of giving through a holiday gift exchange this year. Boys will purchase gifts for boys, while girls will purchase gifts for girls. The exchange will be anonymous and gifts should remain a surprise.

Details follow:

  • $7 - $10 limit

  • Gift should be wrapped with a tag indicating boy or girl

  • Bring gift to school by Friday, December 18

  • Gift exchange will be at the holiday party on Tuesday, December 22

  • Please let me know if your family would like assistance in purchasing a gift.


Mrs. Baxter and Ms. Hess

Important Dates:

12-7 to 12-11 Scholastic Book Fair in the Library

12-8-15 Music Holiday Celebration 6-8pm (5th grade sings at 7:20pm) BOOK FAIR OPEN THIS NIGHT

12-18-15 Report Cards will be e-mailed home

12-22-15 Holiday Party in the afternoon with gift exchange

Tentative Schedule for that day will be forthcoming.

12-22-15 Early out at 1:15pm

Guinea Pigs (Rocky and Oreo) over the Winter Break

If you are not planning on going out of town for the holidays and would like to add a temporary family member for the break, please contact your student's teacher. If this break does not work for you, additional breaks such as spring break and summer is also available.


Reminder to please send students with winter coats and accessories as we do go out for recess for fresh air and exercise even when it is cold. If you need assistance getting your child these items, please let us know.

Snowboots and Snowpants are not required by all, only those who would like to play in the snow during recess.