A Run Around a Soccer Field

By:Faith Nanna

⚽️ A Run Around a Soccer Field ⚽️

(Bill Bowerman's P.O.V.)

Ever wonder how Nike shoes came to be? Wonder what inspired the creator? Well, I am the inventor of Nike and I am going to tell you my story.

I am Bill Bowerman, the inventor of Nike shoes, and I was practicing with my team one day. I glanced at their shoes and thought about how much better they could be. When I sent my thoughts to other shoe companies, they declined my idea. That never stopped me. I kept thinking, I was eating waffles for breakfast when I saw the grooves in the waffle iron. I poured rubber in it to make the bottom of the shoes. That's where it all started. We have been through many set-backs and many benefits, but we made it. To think it all started in the 1950s and now my company is here.

(End of Bill Bowerman's P.O.V.)

I used Nike cleats because I love soccer. I feel like I can disappear from the world when i play. It's fun and I love playing with friends.