Micronutrient Poster By: Harman

Function in Body

1. Transport of oxygen around body

2. Production of red blood cells

3. Conversion of blood sugar to energy.

4. Production of enzymes especially important during illnesses

5. Immune system is dependent on iron

Consequences for Insufficient Levels of Iron

1. Hemoglobin production is lower, since iron is necessary, so a lower amount of oxygen transported throughout the body

2. This can caused reduce ability in athletics

3. Effects can be dizziness, and fatigue

Different Sources of Iron in Foods

1. Oyster

2. Clam

3. Cereal

4. Soybeans

5. Pumpkin Seeds

6. White beans

7. Lentils

8. Spinach

8. Quinoa

9. Kidney beans

10. Tofu

11. Black beans

12. Broccoli