" Born Worker"

By Gary Soto


Have you ever work hard ? Well, there was boy named Jose. Jose is a responsible, hard worker, honest, not selfish and poor. Another examples this is when " he believed in hard work, believe that his strenght was as hard as a ancient rock's. This quote mean that he believed and have confidence in himself. (pg 63) He helped Mr. Clemen out of the pool and asked his Cousin Arnie to call 911 but he whined " I going home." (pg 78) The reason why his cousin left him because he was too lazy and selfish for self.


Jose and Arnie are cousins. Jose knows that his cousin's is more rich than him but he always believed himself. This example is when "Arnie said, "my dad works with this millionaire...He's a liar, Jose thought." (pg 69) This quote mean that he was bragging to his cousin about his job. They both discussing about finding, but Arnie said he'll find a job and split fifty-fifty. Jose disagree with Arnie and said how about sixty-forty.

"Born Worker"