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Feb. 8th- Feb. 19th

Rock'n and Roll'n

Some interesting thoughts were placed upon me last week in some meetings. I share them with you because we our on a journey together...

Do we believe that children learn through play? What is your belief on this concept. If it is yes, then why do you feel that way and how is that reflected in your lessons? If your answer was no, then why do you feel that children can't learn through play?

Play. Just last week at my child's school, they celebrated the Global Day of Play. I personally had never heard of it before. WOW, were they excited to go and wow did they have a lot to share afterwards. The entire school took HOURS to just play and they had to be unplugged ( no batteries). If we were a fly on the wall, what might we have heard and learned? Did they problem solve? Did they collaborate? Were they challenged in some way? Were they creative? Play. Can our children learn through play? Will they be engaged? ....................................Can I get my standards covered?

But (some may be thinking), we don't have time to play or to investigate! The expectations for our students are too high and I don't have time for play.

Are ALL the expectations to high or are we often surprised by what our students CAN DO. Did they surprise us last year with the Marketplace? Take a moment and think, when did they surprise you this year?

Is it possible that sometimes the way we teach it is not appropriate to achieve the standard? Ponder that for a moment. Could the instructional strategy we selected not be correct to achieve the standard? We all know most worksheets stink. They are boring. When they aren't getting it, is it the lesson, is it them, is it us? Do I need to take a different approach? Could it be achieved through play? Inquiry? Exploration? Choice?

So far, 24 staff members have seen the ELC. We saw that students can learn through play and student ownership.

At GES, I hear the rules have changed over the past 10 years. At one point we couldn't and now you are saying we can. Ask yourself, what can my students learn in this moment of investigation and play and know, permission is granted for play.

Interested and want to dig deeper into play

Just something to ponder.


Last week we had an ADMIN meeting and below are some items to ponder:

1. With the transition to 1-1, we need to consider pairing back our supply list. How can we use One Note or online resources instead of paper, glue, etc. What is left over at the end of the year? Do we have a plethora of any certain supply the we can not add to the supply list? Please be thinking of ahead with the tool of 1-1, what might we NOT need.


1. Dr. Bourff will be joining us Feb. 24th from 7:45-8:40

2. Reverse Evacuations- please be sure to finalize if you were delayed because of weather


Monday- Christi out for HSEHS Audit by the DOE School Safety Division

Tuesday- Everyone Counts

Wednesday- Everyone Counts; Do the Math Optional Training

Thursday- Science Fair; PTO 6:00 and 7:00 PTO meeting with Greg Eiken and HSE21 Team

Friday-Wear Red ( Valentines day on the weekend)

Christi out at ADMIN for district safety meeting, and Blue Ribbon App work

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Hopefully No School

Wednesday- HA meeting

Thursday- CPR training after-school



Jami does an amazing job of sharing what so many of us fear. We fear the unknown.

"Will it always end up magical? No, not always, but what I’ve learned is that you will never know until you try. "

Did you know that Front Row has inquiry lessons???

Check it out here.

I had yet another person share how awesome these lessons were! Check them out sometime!

Dismantling racism

If you have interest in a two day training this summer on dismantling racism, please drop me an email. We have been lucky so far to send Fatima, John, Dena, Callie, and Christa. Christine and Julie will be attending this month. We have two open spots for July. If you have interest, email me! It is an extremely impactful workshop professionally and personally.

Thinking about next year...

1. Supply lists- do we really need all these supplies if we are 1-1?

2. How will my math notebooks look? Digital?

3. How will Meet the Teacher night look? Should I take pictures this year if I plan to have my students show their ownership in the room? Could I do an inquiry project with them and send home my typical PPT? How do I help the parents see the journey that I will have with their children?

Helping out Nicole Harbron

Nicole has her new chemo drug. First dose was rough but she is staying optimistic! She is hoping dose two will be a little easier! Thanks for all you are doing! See the following link for her food delivery!

Thanks for loving on her!

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