Pine Hill School District News

November 2019


In an effort to enhance communication between students, parents and the community, the Pine Hill School District has begun distributing an electronic newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading it!


During the 2019-2020 school year, our administration will be working with Rowan University to establish a Teacher Preparation Program. The intention of the program is to attract and provide support for a select cohort of students to become future educators. Additionally, the sequence of courses will provide each student the foundational knowledge and practical experiences needed to thrive in a post-secondary teacher education program. Furthermore, the content will address all levels of teaching. This includes elementary, early childhood, and specific content area certifications. The first cohort of freshman will start with an orientation this summer. Our goal is to provide opportunities for our students to become the next generation of educators.

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In this photo (left to right): Avante Davis, Julianna Ringstaff, Lorelei Scully, Siehra Lovett

Homecoming Results

Our Varsity Homecoming King and Queen competition was held on Thursday, October 24th and kicked off a weekend of Homecoming events. This year we started a new tradition at Overbrook by adding a Princess and Duchess competition for our 9th and 10th grade students. We are very proud of all of the students that participated in the event.

Varsity Homecoming King and Queen Results

Varsity King - Avante Davis

  • Runner up - Tymere Brown

Varsity Queen - Julianna Ringstaff

  • 1st Runner up - Idayat Adisa
  • 2nd Runner up - Destiny Hall

Homecoming Princess - Lorelei Scully

  • 1st Runner up - Katelyn Bendig
  • 2nd Runner up - Taylor Fidanze

Homecoming Duchess - Siehra Lovett

  • Runner up - Jaidyn Moats

Super Reader Supper Club

The third grade students at Dr. Albert Bean Elementary have been spending Tuesday evenings with family, friends, pizza and a good book. Students were part of the Bean School’s Super Reader Supper Club. Students and their parents gathered and enjoyed dinner while reading Doreen Cronin’s The Trouble with Chickens. Teachers helped guide students and their parents through a mystery of tracking down missing chickens. Parents had the opportunity to spend time with their child and share the love of reading. The Super Readers Supper Club will meet for two more sessions with fourth and fifth graders throughout the year. Don’t miss the opportunity to share time with family, friends, food and a good book!

Nutrition in a SNAP

All students in grades 3 through 5 at John Glenn School will receive six lessons this year from a NJ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education Program (SNAP-Ed) teacher. The students will learn how to make healthy choices when it comes to eating, buying, and preparing food. This is a fun way for the students to learn the importance of having a healthy, well-balanced diet. After learning lessons about nutrition and diet, students get to assist the teachers with preparing food. Some examples of the food they will cook are black bean and vegetable quesadillas, pasta with roasted vegetables, yogurt parfait, and banana oatmeal cookies. Getting to taste the food after preparing it, always brings a lot of smiles to the room.

GOOD NEWS ALERT: Overbrook High School Counseling Office

Ms. Aleah Braxton, Overbrook HS School Counselor, was recently honored with the Crystal Award by the NAACP for the work she does with our students and the community. The Crystal Award is given to individuals and businesses that are making a positive impact in the community. Ms. Braxton is active in several programs Overbrook High including the Twilight program, Camden County’s Frontend Diversion program and Camden County College’s 21st Century Scholars program. In addition to her commitment to Overbrook High School, Ms. Braxtson is an active member of Phi Delta Kappa National Sorority, serves on the executive board of the Camden County School Counselors Association and she participates in Rutgers’ Counseling Advisory Board. Ms. Braxton also participates in an organization that services women and children in the Philadelphia region to find low-income housing. We are grateful for all of the work that Ms. Braxton does to support students in our school community.

Middle School Mindfulness

At Pine Hill Middle School, we strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which we educate the whole child. The whole child approach values the physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs of our children. Since last fall, Ms. Casciotta and Ms. Short (both certified yoga instructors) have been meeting with Pine Hill Middle School students after school on Mondays to practice yoga. Students learn yoga poses and breathing techniques. Our young yogis enjoy the fun and the challenges of the poses. Finding ways to focus and relax are important to help young people deal with the stressors that many encounter during the teen years.

Morning Mindfulness is another new program held before the start of the school day. All students are invited to join the group in the media center before homeroom. During this time, students practice mindfulness through breathing techniques and meditation activities. Studies show that students that practice mindfulness have decreased stress levels, improved concentration and are healthier emotionally.

The Holiday Gift Giving Project

The Holiday Gift Giving Project is in full swing with staff meeting regularly to identify and plan for those families that need a little extra assistance this holiday season. Child Study Team members Debby Barratt, Desiree Marasa and Judilyn Weiserth coordinate the efforts along with representatives from the Guidance Department at both the middle school and high school. Families may receive food baskets, toys for kids, gift cards and or may be sponsored by one of the generous donors. The Pine Hill Police Department along with other local community businesses are a vital part of this program’s success and we appreciate the partnership that allows us to serve families in our communities.

Fall Sports Update

The Fall sports season wrapped up this past weekend closing out with the boys and girls cross country sectionals meet at Delsea. The girls field hockey team made it to the second round of the State playoffs with an exciting win over Clayton High School after two rounds of overtime and two rounds of strokes. Freshman, Alexis Rosano scored the winning goal. Several Fall athletes have been recognized as Colonial Conference All Stars.

  • Girls Soccer: Samyah Barnes, 2nd team all conference
  • Boys Soccer: Sidney Pratt, 2nd team all conference
  • Boys Soccer: Gilberth McFarlane, 2nd team all conference
  • Field Hockey: Idayat Adisa, first team all conference
  • Field Hockey: Diana Gaft, first team all conference
  • Field Hockey: Riley Roback, 2nd team all conference
  • Field Hockey: Emily Baran, 2nd team all conference
  • Field Hockey: Laney Romano, 2nd team all conference
  • Cross Country: Charlotte Kuseck, 1st team all conference
  • Tennis: Taylin Garvin, 1st team all conference



Did you know that each school has a Site Council? The purpose is to provide a cooperative means of improving educational programs and conditions. Each school's Site Council is comprised of parents, teachers, administrators and school board members who meet with the principal periodically throughout the school year. If you're interested in participating, click here for more information.