Gas & Oil Industry major conflicts

By: Carleigh Kray

Oil and Gas Emitted

The oil and natural gas industry includes a wide range of operations and equipment, from wells to natural gas gathering lines and processing facilities, to storage tanks, and transmission and distribution pipelines. Depending on what type of equipment is being used, a lot of air pollution can be harmful to plants, animals and even us humans.

Outdoor Air Pollution

Reducing outdoor air pollution also reduces emissions of CO2 and short-lived climate pollutants such as black carbon particles and methane, thus contributing to the near- and long-term mitigation of climate change. If we can keep our planet healthier, we will be healthier also because we let out CO2. Also, we will not experience as bad of climate change because we decreased the chances of that.

Diesel Exhast

Workers exposed to diesel exhaust face the risk of health effects ranging from irritation of the eyes and nose, headaches and nausea, to respiratory disease and lung cancer. This can be dangerous because we need people to work with diesel, but also they have very high risks of getting immune to diseases and certain conditions.

Effects from Gas and Oil

Exposure to ozone is linked to a wide range of health effects, including aggravated asthma, increased emergency room visits and hospital admissions, and premature death. Gases, chemicals, oil, and other deadly substances hurt our environment and can hurt us in multiple ways that will not help us live a healthy life like we want.

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Ways to prevent getting exposed to carbon monoxide can be avoiding running vehicles inside of a garage connected to your house. This is an important thing to know because there are many dangerous effects to getting exposed by carbon monoxide.

How to Reduce Exposure

To reduce your exposure, use natural cleaning products, such as vinegar (removes mildew and grease), lemon juice (stain remover, glass cleaner, and deodorizer), baking soda mixed with water (all-purpose cleaner), and olive oil (furniture polish). Many people get affected by chemical exposure because of how dangerous they are. Look for all the ways you can prevent this and take action.