President Clinton

By: Joshua Tucker

What Bill Clinton did for the World

Bill Clintons childhood was much like anyones. There was tragety in it though. His father died in a car crash months before he was born. After that he and his mother moved near relatives. Clinton learned some valuable lessons from his grandparents. Cllinton excelled in school and even then had an interest in politics. Johnnie Mae Mackey, his high school principal, saw the potentil in Clinton and he became her brightest protege. Ever since he was a kid Clinton's mother told him he would do great things like becoming president one day. Once he went on a trip to Washington D.C. and got to shake J.F.K's hand. Since that moment he knew he would strive to be president. Clinton used the traits he have and had as a child like kindness, bravery, mercy, and compassion to help people when he became president. I think compassion is one of the things we have in common. I might not be a genius or athletic but no matter what I always strive to be kind to others. I think Clintons most important triat is mercy. If you can be kind to someone after they have made bad choices or done wrong things then that is the kind of President I would vote for. I believe leaders need to use thier quality traits depending on the circumstance. Leaders must be organized, structered, kind hearted, sympathetic. merciful, and honest.

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