Life in Athens

Boys from wealthy families were taught how to read, how to speak, and even how to think properly. Some boys were required to memorize long passages of plays or poems. Some had to commit both the laid and the Odyssey to memory. Very few girls, however, received educations.

Girls in Athens

While many boys in Athens received good educations, girls didn't. In fact, girls received almost new education. Athenian men didn't think girls needed to be educated.

Woman and Girls in Athens

* Serve in any part of the city's government, including the assemble and juries.

* They leave their homes, except on special occasions.

* They buy anything or own property or disobey their husbands or fathers.

Greek Cites

Athens, differences: Democratic government, emphasis on many subjects in education, know as the home of artists, writers, and philosophers.

Similarities: Greek religion and language and more rights for man than woman.

Sparta, differences: Ruled by kings and officials, emphasis only on physical education, and known for its powerful and disciplined army.

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