Andrew Jackson

Fail or Holy Grail?

Indian Removal Act

Jackson didn't want the Indians because he wanted to use the land for farming. Congress didn't agree with him, but he still made the Indian Removal Act. The act made the Indians move West of the Mississippi. This made the Indians mad because they had lived there all their life and now were forced to move.

Nullification Crisis

Congress passed the tariff of 1828. It stated that all imported goods had a tax on them. The factory workers liked the tax because they got more money, but the farmers did not like it because they had to pay more for their tools, so they refused to pay it. They made a compromise to lessen the tax and the Southern agreed to pay it.

Jacksonian Democracy

Jackson competed against J.Q. Adams for presidency. Jackson ended up with more votes, but didn't get more than 50% to win. When this happened the speaker of the house got to decide who would win, and he chose J.Q. Adams. The next election suffrage was expanded to the poor white men, who liked Jackson, and with their votes Jackson won.


We did not like Andrew Jackson. He made us leave are homes, and we didn't like that. He was going to move us for the land, and we needed the land. We fought to stay, but Jackson still made us leave.


We liked Andrew Jackson. He fought for us to be able to vote because he knew we would help the votes. When the election suffrage said we could vote, we were very happy. With Jackson's help we benefited.