Missouri Music Notes

August 2016

President's Message

It’s time to start another year! We just had a great Fall Planning Meeting in St Louis. Be sure to check out the new incentives and goals for this year. Also, this is the biennial year where we have additional awards available, such as the Young Artist and Ellis Duo. We'd love to have someone from Missouri win! Wishing you a successful club year! ~Julie
The Young Artist Concert was Friday, August 19th at Steinway Piano Gallery in Maryland Heights. Nicholas Susi performed a unique program of Scarlatti paired with more modern composers, such as Rossini, Ravel, Liszt, Berio, Sciarrino and Gershwin. We were thrilled to have a full house! In addition to Federated members and friends, there were a lot of family and friends of the artist, being a St Louis Native. The concert was followed by a reception provided by local members.

Fall Planning Meeting

The Fall Planning Meeting began at 9:15a on Saturday at the Steinway Piano Gallery. After the opening ceremony and officer reports and business, we split into 2 groups. Those interested in Juniors enjoyed a concert of the new bulletin solo piano music organized by Virtuoso Club. Performers were Annette Mayhew, Kim McMonigle, Alysha Black, Ruth Rieger, Sarah Hainline, Angela Hall, Regina Morris, Katie Kopff, Katarina Stojicevic and Oksana Shpringman. The Senior track was led by Connie Craig with a discussion on Rejuvenating your Club. Look for some tips in the article in this newsletter. We enjoyed a lovely summer picnic style lunch arranged by VP Annette Mayhew at Day Spring School of the Arts. Doug Kinslow and Duane Langley led the group in a sing-along from Together We Sing, accompanied by Jim Mayhew on flute. President Watson announced this year’s incentives and goals. Attendees then returned to the Steinway Piano Gallery to hear the remaining levels through Moderately Difficult 4 from the new Festival bulletin.

Club Incentives

Incentive 1: $50 to the club with the most new members.
Must be new to the Federation.

Incentive 2: Club designations based on reports received.

Clubs sending in 10 reports: Gold Club

Clubs sending 5 reports: Silver Club

Clubs sending 3 reports: Bronze Club

Must submit yearbook to State President to qualify. Electronic copy is fine.

Other Goals:

  • Have a club fundraiser for IPFAC. Share your plans and take pictures!
    Suggestions: No Bake Bake Sale, Pennies for the Point, Walk for IPFAC, $1 per member, Cabaret Night, Concert.

  • Add MFMC President to your newsletter list
  • Participate in Parade of American Music, Founder’s Day, and National Music Week

  • Use Together We Sing
  • Include NFMC & MFMC on printed programs
  • 5 Night of Opera Sponsors ($300)
  • Secure entries for Ellis Duo, Young Artist, Handbells, NMW Essay Contest and other awards.
  • Bring a friend to the next state meeting!
  • Attend the NFMC National Convention in Dayton, OH
  • Bring a friend and attend Federation Days at Opera in the Ozarks

Parade of American Music Month - November

Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 12:15am to Wednesday, Nov. 30th, 11:45pm

In your city

The National Federation of Music has declared the month of November as American Music Month. The Professor Rudolf R. A. Schramm Parade of American Music honors its founder, Ada Holding Miller, by encouraging NFMC clubs to increase programming and performance of American music; to bring more recognition to American composers; to stimulate public appreciation and awareness of American music; and to broaden the knowledge of American music. The Parade encompasses all aspects of music and was established in 1987 by the widow of Professor Rudolf R. A. Schramm.

Awards: $300 first place, $125 second place and $75 third place. Clubs may not win first place in consecutive years.


Liability Insurance

Don’t be left unprotected! Be sure to get liability insurance for meeting, festival and event locations. Even though they may not require it, if something happens – the lawyers will be looking to your club. We heard instances of clubs in other states having real challenges. The cost is relatively inexpensive for the peace of mind. Coverage for events through December 31st are $18 for each single day event in one location. $21 for events with consecutive days at same location. Spring 2017 will be due by December 1st.

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Parade of American Music: November 1-30, 2016

Founders Day: January 1-31, 2017

National Music Week: May 7-14, 2017
Theme: Music - an Adventure for Life

MFMC Convention: TBA in May

NFMC Convention: June 20-24, 2017 in Dayton, Ohio

Federation Days at Opera in the Ozarks: July 19-22, 2017 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Rejuvenating your Club

At our NFMC convention in Tulsa, our President Michael Edwards announced that NFMC membership had decreased by 5,000 in the past year. Thus, he had a speaker come from Florida to speak of his success in rebuilding a club in Hollywood, FL from 12 members to 130. Depending on the size of your club and community, some of his suggestions might work. From his presentation, I’ve summarized and tweaked some of his ideas for possible use in our Missouri clubs -- large or small.

I have a list of ideas/suggestions. I couldn’t decide on “the most important” “top priority”. Something I might consider #1 priority for my club, would not be for your club. So here are some ideas/suggestions for “rejuvenating” your music club, and you decide which or what might be an effective way to increase your club membership.

  1. Name Recognition (Branding/Marketing) - get a logo!
    Is your club the “best-kept secret” in your community? Step out of the shadows! Consider creating a club logo. You can put it on t-shirts, mugs, key rings, stickers and postcards.
    Make a business card for the club. Have a banner to display at meetings/events.
  2. Two minute promo pitch
    Prepare a brief overview about "who we are" and give a printed copy to every member for them to share at their next cultural event. Something that includes when you meet and what your main purpose is. Be excited and positive about why the club exists.
  3. Publicity - meetings and programs
    Newspapers: Either submit a brief news release prior to an upcoming meeting or brief summary after the meeting. Get on the Arts Calendar.
    Media: website, Facebook, and emails to publicize and remind members of upcoming meeting or event. Remember - it takes at least 3 reminders to gain their attention.
    Side note regarding your location - consider a neutral public location, like a library, community center or school. A home or church may not be comfortable for some.
  4. Club Membership Chairman
    All members need to recruit and invite new members. Although it's best to have a Membership Chair who is "on fire" about the club. Someone that will send out invitations and welcome new members. A go-getter that makes folks feel at ease and welcome.
  5. Personal Invitations
    Create letterhead or postcard with logo that includes meeting time and place, purpose of the club, benefits to membership, and dues. Include contact phone/email for questions. Follow up with a phone call. Club brochure is another option.
  6. Try new, fresh programs or activities. Reading the Music Club magazine and attending state meetings, you get to hear about what other clubs have done. Maybe those ideas could work for your club too! The Senior Club Report Form might spark an idea for a program or event.
  7. Partner/Network with other community groups
    Partner with another group on an event. Think of it as cross-pollination. Symphonies, chorus/choirs, concert associations, service clubs and libraries are great possibilities! For instance in large metro areas, hire someone to do a series of programs or classes. Big names can draw prospective members - or even a program of a well-known composer.

After you set the hook, how do you get them connected?

  1. Plug them in! Get them involved! Learn their interests or talents. Try to partner them with a veteran member to help them learn more. Utilize their time and talents, don't let them be an idle bystander. Let them know you are glad to have them as a member and for their participation.
  2. Show them the 'bigger' picture. Give them a Federation orientation so they begin to understand the organization from local to national - and all it has to offer. Invite them to a state or national convention.
  3. Report your activities! Sending the reports give the State and National levels the opportunity to recognize what great things your club is doing. They in turn may send certificates and recognition, which should encourage and affirm your members. Consider appointing a member whose job is to send the report for an event or events. A great easy job for a new member!

-Submitted by Connie Craig