Mountain Shout-Outs

Volume 2 Issue 19

23 January 2015

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Missed your chance?

If you missed your chance to say thank you to your co-workers or share something great they did, get them to me by e-mail or by leaving a form in my box! Thank you!

All Teachers

Thank you SO much for all your patience and cooperation during ACCESS testing. I know students missing instructional time with you is not ideal, especially on block days. But your support making sure our kids don't get behind means the world to them and to me. They are doing an amazing job and you should be very proud of them... I know I am! THANK YOU for all you do for our kids!!!!

-Berthalina Kinsel

Brandi Potestio, Bill Swearingen and Bryan Webb

There is no way we could get all the ACCESS testing done without all your help. I cannot thank you guys enough. I owe you tacos!

-Berthalina Kinsel

Karen Polson, Carey McKinney, Laurie Khile and Gery Clark

Ladies, you have been simply awesome running passes on time so our kiddos can get the speaking section of the test and Brandi and I cam stay in schedule (and even a bit ahead!). You rock!!! And Gery, thank you for excusing the students absences. Lots of kids, lots of periods. THANK YOU!

-Berthalina Kinsel

Jen Brown

Thanks for helping me stay on top of my students. I appreciate you!

-Heather Schenck

Kim Colegrove

I'd like to give a shout out to Kim Colegrove for her going above and beyond for the visual arts department. She took time out of her weekend to drop off paperwork for the upcoming Scholastics competition as well as brought and set up artwork to display at the ESC. Thanks. :)

-Kyle Wimmer

Jeff Johnson

Shout out for being a super swim coach and the best roommate in the whole school!

-Ian Simpson

Stacy Stansbury

Thanks for brainstorming with me on ways to help a struggling student. I really appreciate your dedication to her!

-Heather Schenck

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Mountain Shout-Outs

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