By Alexandra Adornetto

Her Dilemma

Bethany has been sent to Earth from heaven with Gabriel and Ivy, her brother and sister, to bring good to a world falling under the command of darkness. When undercover as a teenager going to high school , she runs into Xavier Woods, the captain of the school. One glance is all it takes for sparks to start flying between them, and soon the attraction between them is impossible to resist.

Jake Thorn is a delinquent that's been expelled from three schools and is coincidentally in Bethany's literature class. When Jake claims that his heart has been taken with her, Bethany firmly declines, stating without doubt that she loves Xander with all her heart. But Gabriel and Ivy sense dark supernatural powers. Will Bethany be able to stop a calamity from coming over the small, sleepy town of Venus Cove, or will she be too late?

About the Author

Alexandra Adornetto is now eighteen years old, and published her very first book when she was fourteen. She was born in Melbourne, Australia and still lives there to this day.

The Halo Series

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