Shark tooth vs. Butcher Knife

By: Haley Porter

Shark tooth adaptations

The adaptations of a shark tooth are hunting, protection, and eating. The shark uses its teeth for hunting other prey. The shark also uses its teeth as a protection device against other animals in its surrounding. Lastly the shark uses its teeth to cut into food as it eats.

The New Improved Knife

The new improved knife is going to help people cut food more precisely. It is also going to save a chef time in preparing food. The knife is also going to be more efficient which will save money.

Image 3

This is the final image of the butcher knife were many nodules including microscopic nodules have been added for the most efficient usage.

Image 2

This is the second image of the butcher knife where tiny nodules have been added resembling a shark's tooth.
Big image

Image 1

This is the first image where no extra nodules have been added yet to the butcher knife