By: Julie Dionne Block: 6

Brief Discription:

Monarchy is ruled by a king and/or a queen, They are the people who rule like the government in their land.

I am for Monarchy.

The reason to be for monarchy would be that one or two people being in charge could be a good thing, because it makes it so there wouldn't be as many fights about things to rule about.

Who rules the government, The powers they have, How are they chosen:

The person that rules the government is the king and/or queen, they are the monarchs. They have powers to tell the people what to do, they can also make laws. The way that they are chosen is, the position is passed down trough the family.

How the laws are made in this type of govenment:

The laws are made by the leader and the congress person behind the leader. The ability to make and pass legislation is up to the elect parliament, also know as a legislature.

The rights of the citizens:

The rights that the citizens have in a monarchy depends on the monarch. The monarch is the one who decides what right the citizens get to have, if the monarch is nice you will probably have more rights, but if they are mean then you will probably have less.

Countys that currently have monarchy for a govenment:

-United Kingdom