Family Child Care

Clarissa and Morgan

What It Is

Child care provided by a person for a small number of children in his or her own home.


A parent stays home with his or her own children and provides care for other children too. Some of these parents begin these child cares because they need flexible hours and want to be a stay at home parent. Some of the time other forms of child care are not available locally. These usually are not as structured as other care centers and do not require a state liscense or certificate of operation.

Local Programs Available

Kelly Andel- Westmoreland, KS and Pam Havenstein in Westmoreland, KS

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: -State liscense and certificate of registration not required-Teach housekeeping tasks, home skills,  and neighbor and friend making skills-Provide local care-Less expensive-Healthier in some casesDisadvantages:-Not a wide social center-Limited amount of children in each home-Some parts of the home may not be child proof or safe