The Bear Necessities

2019-20 Back to School Edition

Summer break is a beautiful time to dream

Summer gives us just a bit more time to dream, to set goals, to really, connect with others and hopefully remember our "WHY". I hope this finds you well, if your not ready for back to school, simply read this first article below and then stop, the rest will be for later. Enjoy the remainder of your break.

Back to School t-shirts

Please pick up your tshirt from the copy room on the island. Please wear these to convocation.
Spirit Bus Sign Up

Hop on the Spirit will pick us up at GBEEC and bring us back here! PAT needs to sign up ASAP, GBEEC needs to plan to ride, as the "Buckle Training" will take place during your commute.

Kindergarten Support Sign Up

Please sign up for the location you wish to work. If the school you want to go to does not have any teacher names listed, please know that you may be moved. Not PAT staff.

Safe Schools

Safe Schools reminder has landed in your inbox. For those of you on staff who time in and out daily, please know that you are free to do those on Fridays or during the time between AM/PM after your 30 minutes lunch. This can also be done prior to students arriving in the AM.

Thank you so much!


We have a significant amount of change here at GBEEC for the 2019-2020 school year. We are wishing many of our families members well as they embark on new journeys (stay at home mom, grandma, full time student, full time teacher, happy retiree). This change means that we will welcome many to our school family this year. I know that we will all work together to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Where to find everyone:

  • Latendresse leaves 180 and goes to Furnell 203
  • Doyle goes to Latendresse 180 and Furnell goes to Doyle 153
  • Temple goes to 180 with Latendresse (it is the largest room we have)
  • Tina Roush (New ECSE Teacher), goes to Temple 200
  • Susan Weber (New ECSE Teacher), goes to Bobbitt
  • Baker leaves 106 and goes to Rychlewski 176
  • Audrey Wood (New SLP) goes to 106
  • Gard leaves 202 and goes to hallway outside of triangle room (SO SORRY LISA)
  • Cara Glodowski (New SLP) goes to Gard 202
  • Stacy Gerhart (New ECSE Itinerant Teacher) will be with Tompkins in Library Office
  • Jessica Jackson is sharing space with Jess Herman
  • Jess Herman will share space for the Family Advocate portion of her job with Jenn Allen

Our Schedule:

Jeanie and Kerry here everyday....want to reach us...make sure our phone number is in your phone!!

Jeanie Cook - desk 986-2485 and cell 816-699-0605

Kerry Boehm - desk 986-2465 and cell 816-365-3146

Love the summer pics we've gotten from you...we love to see you out enjoying life!! Soak it up!