VCR 10 Presentation

Brenna Davis

Fill in the blank.

Revoking her phone privileges served to ______________ the disobedient daughter.
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To seek to improve through punishment; to discipline

Alternate Forms

Chastened, adj. Chastener, n.


CASTUS "pure", "spotless"

CASTIGO, CASTIGARE, CASTIGAVI, CASTIGATUM "to punish", "to correct," "to restrain"


Correct, reprimand, penalize


Praise, promote, reward, encourage

Choose the letter in which the bold-faced word is used incorrectly.

A. Nuns in Catholic schools used to chasten students by slapping a student's hand with a ruler.

B. Despite the criticism spanking receives today, my dad always said, "The most effective way to chasten a misbehaving child is through a slap on the butt."

C. She felt chastened when the teacher gave her an A on her art project.

D. Some people see Satan as the ultimate chastener for the world's sinners.