Friedell Middle School

September 20 - 24 Newsletter


This week:

  • Monday is an "A" day
  • Tuesday is a "B" day
  • Wednesday is an "A" day
  • Thursday is a "B" day
  • Friday is an "A" day

Upcoming dates and events:

  • September 27th - Bus Safety for all students
  • September 29th - Picture retakes, or initial photos for those that did not attend on August 18th
  • September 30th - Flu Shot Clinic at Friedell

General Information:

  • Here is a link to the Friedell Daily Bell Schedule
  • The 2021-2022 Student Handbook was recently approved by our school board. We would like to share that with you all here. Please know that we will be highlighting some of the key parts of this document with students in the coming weeks.
  • Yearbooks are for sale! We have a few extra Yearbooks from last year. They are $30 and may be purchased in the main office!


Friedell Families,

We know that not all could attend our virtual open house on Tuesday. Please know that we still hope to connect with families whenever you have questions or would like to share information about your student. The best way to connect is through our Parent Portal!

The Parent Portal has many helpful items including:

  • Easy contact for your student's teachers (email)
  • PTSA Information
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Schedule Information
  • Technology Information

We hope you bookmark this resource page!

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Google Classroom is the main communication tool between your Friedell student and his or her teachers. Directions, classwork, homework, quizzes, links to Google Meets, etc. are all posted to Google Classroom.

Parents can receive Google Classroom Summaries, a daily or weekly email of all of the posts that went out to your child. Parent/Guardian summaries also include a list of missing work, upcoming work, and class activity - assignments, announcements, directions, homework, etc.

If you would like to receive email summaries, parents/guardians need to do 2 things:

Step 1: Fill out this form ( with the email or emails you would like Google Classroom to send summaries to.

Step 2: Accept the email invitation. Be looking for an email invitation from Ann Maine (Friedell's Instructional Coach) within the week in order to accept Google Classroom Summaries. You need to click "Accept" within the invitation email in order to start receiving summaries. After you accept the invitation, you will then have the option to receive daily or weekly email updates.


  • Parents do not download the Google Classroom app. All communication will come through emails.
  • If you were receiving Google summaries last year and you were a Friedell parent/guardian, there is no need to sign up again for that child. You will need to fill out your info again if you have a new 6th grader, your child is new to Friedell, or if your email has changed.

Click here to learn more about Google Classroom Summaries.

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Please remember that parents and guardians need to report absences to the office. We are unable to accept this information from students, it does need to come from an adult. This is for a number of reasons, but mostly for accuracy of reporting, and for tracking of symptoms of illness. When someone states they are leaving because they are not feeling well to a teacher, the office still needs to follow-up with that student and family to track symptoms.

To make absence reporting easier, you may always submit this information electronically. This can be done online through your Skyward Family Access portal.

Please report all attendance absences through the office in some way. All absences that you know about in advance (Dentist, Doctor, Ill, Sports, etc.) need to be done through the office. Please realize that the office does need to be alerted if students are leaving a class early as well (an example would be leaving 15 minutes prior to the end of class). The office will notify the teacher of the absence or departure in all of these cases.

We realize that sometimes students are in class and marked absent. This happens for a number of reasons, and we know that there will be times that we need to change attendance. If a student is in class, and marked absent, please have the student contact the teacher to work through this issue. The office will not be able to change any attendance marked by the teacher without the teacher's consent.

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You may have noticed that space is tight at Friedell when it comes to dropping off your student, and picking up your student for school. Here are some reminders for all that choose to use a personal vehicle for your student's transportation.


  • Please do not drop off before 8:05 a.m.
  • Use Door 1 (By the Gym)
  • Pull along the curb until you cannot pull forward.
  • Have your student sitting on the passenger side for safety
  • Have your student get out quickly and walk to door 1
  • In working together, we can have 7 cars unload at the same time
  • Please remember you do not need to pull all the way to door 1 if there is a line, simply pull up to the car in front. Have your student get out as soon as you are to the curb


  • Please do not arrive until 3:05 p.m. to pick up your student. Any arrivals before that time actually slow down the buses and the pick-up line
  • Once the buses leave our lot, please pull in using a single file line
  • Vehicles will pull all the way forward to the end of our bus area on the west end of our lot
  • Students should be looking for their ride, and move quickly to the vehicle once stopped
  • Parents should again pull all the way up to the end of the curb, or to the vehicle in front of you
  • In working together, we can have 10 cars load at the same time
  • Please know that we do not have supervision for students after 3:15 p.m. once the pick up line runs smoothly
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Dear Families,

We are reaching out to you to partner regarding our athletic events. We want to ensure that our athletic events are a fun and safe experience for all.

Please review the following guidelines with your student:

  1. All middle school and elementary students attending the games must be accompanied by an adult

  2. All high school, and middle school, students must show student ID upon entry

  3. No food or beverages are allowed to be brought into athletic events

  4. No backpacks are allowed at athletic events

  5. If students are not meeting behavioral expectations they will be asked to leave the event

  6. Students should sit and watch the game within the student sections - this builds pride in our community and school

Please remember that when students are attending school sponsored events they must adhere to the expectations outlined in our Student Behavior Handbook. This applies to all policies within the handbook, or referenced by the handbook. If students fail to adhere to the expectations in the Student Behavior Handbook they could be subject to in school consequences regarding their actions.


To better serve our families, Technology Helpdesk for families and students called 'Remote Distrance Learning Technical Support, has returned for the 2021-2022 school year!

The Remote Distance Learning Technical Support Team for families and students will solve for issues like:

  • Support for standard softward like Microsoft Office, Adobe, G Suite
  • Support for some hardware like printers, Internet, and Wi-Fi Connectivitie

Families and students will be able to receive support from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays). Simply call 1-800-78-0051

This information can also be found on our district website by following this link.


Joining PTSA truly supports our staff and our school! The QR Code below will take you to a site to register, or click here for a direct link as well! It is only $10 to join, and every bit helps!

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