Coun alpinus

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The Overlooked Wild Dog

The dhole is a long legged fox with a long tail, round ears and about the size of a German Shepard. This canine was named by Brian Houghton Hodgson in 1838 though they were seen before. Most people mistakenly called them African wild dogs that migrated up to eastern and southern Asia. These animals hunt in packs and use whistles, meows, screams, and even clucks to communicate with the rest of the pack. Because of this communication, they are able to bring down prey 10 times their size like reindeer, deer, guar, wild pigs, banteng, sheep, and even buffalo.

This Dog is Not Man's Best Friend

Sadly, this Unique fox has been endangered for many years. Many people in their territory only see them as pests and will trap and even poison them to get them off their land. They also suffer from fragmentation and habitat loss as well as running out of prey and disease. In 2008, there were 2,500 dholes living in the wild. 2 years later there was about 950 dholes. in the next few years the population is expected to below 45 individuals.

Save the Dholes!

Some ecologist have tried their best to stop the decrease in dholes. The Wildlife Act of 1972 was supposed to prohibit hunting but it was not as effected as scientists had hoped. Some Zoos have been asked to keep a handful of Dholes so that the species doesn't completely die out but more urgency is needed.


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