End of Summer Deal

$100 for two tracks - Full Composition

"Sets new standard..."

Celebrating 16 years in music recording, Tony "Tonee Ray" Jones is a humble, hard working producer. With an incredible broad knowledge of music in today's market, some of his influences are Marvin Gaye, John Lennon, Quincy Jones, Bob Dylan, and Diane Warren. In 1997, he learned the art of producing records from a close friend in his hometown of Stockton, CA. Tireless in his work ethic, the prolific young producer quickly established himself as a formidable musical force amongst all of his peers and in the music industry.

As a talented, well-rounded musician, Tonee has played with many well-known session musicians such as Bobby Vega, John Fitzgerald McGill, Jae Deal, Joel Smith, Erick Walls, Marcus Lamar Hodge, and John "Jubu"Smith just to name a few. He has also graced the stage backing up great talents like Dorinda Clark Cole, Kim Burrell, Chico and El DeBarge. Tonee Ray seldom rests, constantly raising the musical bar as he sets a new standard, creating his own unique niche in music.

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Toneé Ray aka T.BoY w/ TEAMOrbit in the studio