Mrs. Asher's First Grade News

Week of February 8, 2016

Sight Words

These are the sight words your child learned to read and spell this week. These sight words are common words that your child should be able to read in a snap (without sounding them out). Knowing sight words helps your child's fluency and comprehension (because they won't be dedicating so much time and attention to decoding words).

give, great, live, man, much, name


* This week students learned to read and spell words with 'ie' and 'igh'. They noticed most of the time 'ie' is found at the end of short words and there may be a suffix added to it. They saw 'igh' usually has a 't' following it and it is often found in the middle of words.

* We worked on making connections between texts on the same topic. We read some nonfiction, fiction, and poetry texts on hermit crabs this week and we saw that sometimes texts tell us the same information as other texts and sometimes there might be new information. We again discussed that even fiction books and poetry can teach us about a topic if we are reading closely. At home when your child reads to you have them make connections using phrases like "This reminds me of..." or "This book is like/different from that book because..." This will help improve their comprehension of what they read. Readers are always making connections and comparisons as they read.


This week as students worked on writing their fairy tales they worked on starting with a strong beginning that usually includes "Once upon at time" and the setting is often described. We worked on adding describing words to our stories because we learned it helps the reader make pictures in their mind. We also noticed that fiction books often contain dialogue. Some students have already found great places to include dialogue between characters and they are remembering to use quotation marks. Also, we looked at how adding order words like "then" and "after," can help readers follow the sequence of events in a story. I can't wait for your child to share their fairy tales with you!!! They have been working so hard on them.


This week we began solving comparing story problems like the following: 1) Jess has 13 grapes. Emma has 9 grapes. How many fewer grapes does Emma have than Jess? 2) There are 8 red birds in the tree. There are 4 more blue birds in a tree than red birds. How many blue birds are in the tree? Students were taught to listen for if we knew the quantities of one or both things/people because we may solve them differently. They listened for clue words like more and fewer if we had to figure out the quantity for one person/thing because that would mean we might add or subtract. If we knew the quantities of both we might do a comparison drawing where we line up circles underneath each other and match them up. Then, we could see how many more or fewer one person/thing had than another. We also saw how addition and subtraction equations could work for solving both kinds of problems because the two operations are related.

Extra Extra!!!

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Important Dates

  • February 26 - Awards Rally at 9:20 in the gym (You were notified in your child's folder if he or she is receiving an award.)
  • March 4 - Early Release and Report Cards go home
  • March 5 - March 27 Track Out