Dreambox Learning

The ABC's of Dreambox Math!

Personalized, Differentiated, Accelerated Math: Dreambox Learning is an adaptive learning system for mathematics. It individualizes math content, difficulty, hints, pace, and sequence of lessons to match a student’s knowledge and learning level in a motivating learning environment. It contains rigorous instructional content—not just skill building or practice/drill. It scaffolds learning, gives immediate feedback and challenges students with the next 'just-right'lesson. [SLIDES]

  1. Intelligent Adaptive Learning
  2. Why Dreambox?
  3. Interactive Teacher Tools
  4. Quick Start Guide
  5. Dreambox Teacher HUB

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Effective Practices for High Impact Implementation

Dreambox Learning Classroom Resources & Training Site

  1. Units
    (See Also: Teacher Dashboard -> Resource Tab)

  2. Standards Alignment
•Students are placed at beginning of their current grade level [relative to state standards]
•For Intervention, students may be placed a full grade prior by teacher.
•Students drive forward personalized learning path.
[Dreambox continuously gauges their next best lesson]
• Students may work across several grade levels of curriculum as personalized pathway addresses & closes gaps.

  1. Online Environments
  2. Understanding Primary Environment (K-2)
  3. Understanding Intermediate Environment (3-5)
  4. Dreambox Student Experience

* Icons in K-2 Environment

* How Students Progress in Dreambox

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F: What are Best Practices for Implementation?

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