Hammurabi's Code Was Unfair!

By: Kaitlyn Elwart


This is about how Hammurabi ruled his kingdom. How he treated people. Are his laws just? I don't think so, but let's see what you think. Some of Hammurabi's laws were fair, but the majority was unfair.

Laws 21, 48, 129, 195-196, 209, 215

Law 21: If a man robbed a house he will be hanged in the hole that he made and will be pierced. I feel this is too harsh to be fair. They could easily have something to punish people who have misbehaved.

Law 48: If a man borrows money for crops and a flood washes the crops away he doesn't need to pay back. This is unfair because sure the man is glad but what about the store owner and worker? They don't get the money they need.

Law 129: If a married woman goes out with another man, they shall bind them and cast them into the water. This is unfair, I agree that they should punish them, but maybe not as harsh.

Law 195: If a son hurts his father he should lose his hands. This is unfair because I think that the parent's should get to punish their children and decide what their punishment is.

Law 196: If a man knocks out an eye of a free man, his eye gets knocked out. Unfair becuase what if the hurt man was guilty of something? The man may've had a reason to hit him.

Law 209: If someone strikes a girl and causes her to lose the fruit of her womb he shall pay 10 shekels. This is unfair because having children is priceless, he should pay more at least.

Law 215: If a sergeon operates on a man and saves his life he recieves 10 shekels of silver. This is unfair, if he saves his life I feel he should be rewarded more than that.


IN conclusion, I feel that some of Hammurabi's Code was fair, but most was not. Some people who didn't deserve their punishment, got very hurt, or even killed. If these laws and this video doesn't change your mind about Hammurabi's laws and code, you are welcome to have your opinion, but just think about all those innocent lives that were killed.
Hammurabi's code video

In this video you will learn more about his code. About how he killed people. It is also very informational about his code and laws.