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January 4, 2018

Monday's In-service Day

It is my understanding that everyone has a location on Monday morning to report to for PD or collaborative sessions. After that session is over, teachers are expected to return to your home school. Lincoln staff will have the afternoon to meet as a team to plan, review data, and prepare for the month. Please use this time wisely. We are all better together so take advantage of the afternoon to kick start the new year for some high gear instruction for our students!

Reboot for Zones and Expectations

The start of the new year means a return to routines and expectations. Please take time to reteach and reinforce your classroom expectations, procedures, and non-negotiables. Winter break is a LONG time for our kids to be out of routine. Use circle time, and other moments in the day to be deliberate in reteaching and reinforcing the expectations for your classroom.

There will be lessons to reteach the four expectations to our students on the 7th. I will email you all when they are in our TEAM drive for Lincoln. These lessons will be created by members of the the leadership team and the expectation is that all teachers teach each lesson before the end of the month of January. You have discretion about when you put them in your instruction, but I would strongly suggest that you don't wait until the end of the month.

Also, please reach out to Henry, Marsha, or Kristen, the person who taught your Zones lessons in the fall, to schedule times for them to come in and work with your students this month. Our focus will be to refresh students on Zones, how to appropriately use the Lion's Den, and skills to deescalate. This may be more than one visit. Work with Henry, Marsha, or Kristen to arrange dates. Please have them come and cover these topics with your students by the end of January.

Finally, for teachers please make sure that your Lion's Den is ready for the second half of the year. Does it need a touch up? Is it still in one piece??? Several in the building look great and clearly are used by students. Others, are looking like they may need a revisit. Please take stock of your den and if you need something to help your students use it effectively (ex: stress ball, or a calming book) please reach out to Marsha or Kristen, they may be able to help.

Meeting focus topics for January

We have so much going on this January I want to keep you all updated so we can be prepared for our meetings.

  • We will have PLC on 1/8. The focus will be curriculum. Please bring at least one element of your curriculum that you will be working on this month to the meeting. Think of it as a problem of practice--if you implement this element of the curriculum in "this" way, then our students will show improvement in "this". It could be work to improve growth for our on grade level students (an area we need to improve on), or it could be an area that you and your team want to collaborate on to improve engagement or mastery by our students. Shasta will be with us on the 8th. Grades 2 and 3 will have a slightly different agenda that day.
  • We will not have our PLC on Tuesday 1/15 because we will all be meeting on 1/17 for RTI conferences. A SPED representative will be at the 1/17 meetings to help with any questions regarding students you may have concerns with.
  • The 1/29 PLC will be another Data focused meeting. We will be using this meeting to analyze our DRA scores and the results of our 9 week assessments. Please bring your student's data to the meeting (your computer if it is on a district data base) to facilitate our conversation. We will be looking to focus on students that are in our quintile 3,4.and 5 groups to identify what we will specifically do to ensure continued growth for these students. I will send out guiding questions for you all to think about and respond to prior to our meeting to help us use our time as productively as possible.
  • The faculty meeting on 1/14 will be a presentation from Jason Gordon from the Tennessee Behavior Support Project on classroom management. I hope that his presentation will provide you with ideas and more supports to use when working with our students.
  • The faculty meeting on 1/28 will likely focus on restorative practices and possibly technology.

New Face in Town

Well, she isn't a totally new face to those of you who have been lion's for a long time. Elizabeth Winegar will be joining our staff on Tuesday. She will be an IA in Megan McConnell's room. We are excited to have her back with us. Please introduce yourself to her when you have a chance. We have two other vacancies to fill and will be doing that as fast as possible.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Fundraiser

Today we sent off a check for $341.41 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for our penny drive last month. Our kids did a great job donating to this good cause. Thank you for your support to have the boxes in your room and sending down kids with their personal boxes to get their prizes.

Visit from Highland Elementary School in Greenville

Jason Gordon, mentioned above, and his team out of Knoxville work with schools across the state to support creating positive behavior systems in schools. After his audit of us in November, he was very impressed with what we are working on here at Lincoln. One of the other schools that his colleague is working with learned about what we are doing here and they want to visit us on January 15th. . Highland Elementary school is looking to add restorative practices to their school procedures. We will have some small group conversations with the team vising us so they can ask questions about the process etc. However, I'm wondering if there are a few classes that might be able to demonstrate a class circle for this group when they come. They are not arriving until 9:00 so that would mean that a circle would be later than we usually circle--or a second circle for the day. If anyone is interested in hosting the group for a few minutes and demonstrate a circle for them please email me. As a point of interest this is Shelia Newland's new school. I'm not sure if she will be with this group or not, but this is her school in Greenville.

School Wide Brain Breaks

We have gotten out of the habit of a school wide brain break. We will be putting them back on the calendar and recommitting our selves to school wide breaks. If any of you have any ideas of some fun breaks that you have read about or like to do with your class that could go school wide, please send them my way...we are in need of ideas!

Snow Men Pictures

Well, it took the almighty internet a few days but I finally got the pictures from my phone to the inbox of my gmail. Thanks again for the fun of the snowmen contest. It was a great event!

I think I got everyone's snowmen...if I missed one my apologies. It was a bit nuts that last day. Also, Andy True was sent a picture of his appearance in our contest. He was very flattered. LOL!!

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