NAPLS Family Update

New Albany - Plain Local Schools 3.24.20

Important Update Regarding COVID-19

Good evening everyone,

The New Albany-Plain Local School District was notified this evening that a staff member in our school district has tested positive for COVID-19. This staff member works at the Early Learning Center. The school district is providing this notice to all families in our school district to protect the safety and welfare of everyone.

The health department has confirmed that they will contact parents/guardians of any child and any staff member who may have had direct contact with this person.

The health department has confirmed for our district that being in the Early Learning Center with this person who has tested positive for COVID-19 DOES NOT mean that everyone at the Early Learning Center has been exposed to COVID-19.

Regardless, as recommended by the health department, our school district will continue to thoroughly sanitize all of our facilities, including the Early Learning Center, prior to being occupied again.

Based upon our discussions with Franklin County Public Health and our local health officials, it is important for all families and employees to continue to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID 19 (fever >100.4, cough, shortness of breath). Health officials repeatedly share that COVID-19 is among us due to community spread and many people have yet to exhibit any symptoms.

Families and staff do not need to contact the health department instead they should contact their healthcare provider should symptoms develop. Updated information will be provided in accordance with recommendations from our health officials and the law.

Again, the circumstances regarding the COVID-19 outbreak change quickly so our school district is continuing to work closely with the Franklin County Public Health Department. We encourage everyone to visit our district website or the health department’s website for more information.

Keeping You Connected and Safe

Remember that the best thing you can do in the face of COVID-19 is to take precautions to protect yourself, your family, and our community:

  • Stay home in accordance with the public health order.

  • Adhere to social/physical distancing recommendations.

  • If you are feeling symptomatic, please call your healthcare provider.

Thank you.

Michael L. Sawyers

Our Purpose

The New Albany-Plain Local School District is committed to creating a culture of accountability that achieves the best academic and developmental outcomes for each student.