The Carolina Colony

Pros and Cons by: Jocelyn Alford

Why you should move here

The Carolina colony is known for its spacious area, its friendly Natives. The channel boat they have over the ihe bar will be the security for the colony. This colony has sandy, barren, tall trees, clay, lime and whole much of other great resources you could use. Deer, wild turkeys and Fowls are some of their most famous animals that are great for food. Indians are able to catch fish and that can be another meal you could have. Indigo ,tobacco, lime trees, orange , lemon, Indian corn are some of their many plants. Men in the Carolina colony are great for planting and working in farmlands. The best part is that were latitude form the Bermuda's which has great soil and farmlands. Summer is not as hot and winter is not as cold so the weather is pretty fair.

Some dis-advantages

The Natives are known to be short- lived which will cause our fish products to go down, Inconstancy of the weather too. Overall this a great colony to live in the people here are nice ,hard working people unlike some colonies. I'm here to tell you to come on down to the Carolina colony it will be the best decision of your life.