Mrs.Moxley's Class' CHOCOLATE SALE!

chocolate is the best

Come!Come! you only have one day!come at your lunchtime 2015 january 9th! our chocolate is the best around did you know that chocolate is medicine for stomach aches and coughing? well now you do!so come buy some remember it is at January 9th 2015,Your lunchtime!

the tasty brown thing every kid loves.......

come while you can!

at january 9th 2015!at your lunchtime 10:00-12:00 we are using the money to fix the school's broken ipads did you know dark chocolate is also healthy?just come buy some man!

if those other ones did not get you to buy some chocolate then this one will.......

if your throat burns then this is your medicine chocolate makes you more energetic more healthy and less sick it is full of antioxidants (good guys) antioxidants get rid of free radicals (bad guys) free radicals make it easier for you to get sick and chocolate is full of antioxidants