Studio Project

For our studio project, the aim was to show audience a contrast between the refugees and their struggles to find a home with the privileged seemingly taking things for granted.

To show this, we used the green screen to project a collage of news headlines and images of the refugee crisis (figure B) and taking into account that Christmas is approaching, we wanted the actor in front of the collage opening presents and throwing them away, undervaluing things. To further emphasise a somber mood, we wanted to use John Lennon's 'Happy Xmas (War is Over) as the soundtrack however due to copyright we were advised not to use it as getting permission would be difficult to achieve therefore we relied on the juxtaposition of the imageries to effectively provoke the message that we wanted to communicate.

To relate this with Kentridge's work, we emphasised the use of silhouettes. Light is projected on to the green screen as the camera picks up the figure in darkness in front of it (as seen on figure A). One of the problems that arose during the shooting was that when the actor threw the presents to the side (next to the green screen) the objects were in clear view, ruining the shot as some of the wrapping paper we used were newspapers. Furthermore it took us 6 takes to finally get a proper video due to technical faults in early takes (e.g. countdown stopping midway, microphone not picking up sound).