Reflector & Splashtop

Free Yourself from the Board!


Reflector wirelessly receives and displays any devices that connect and mirror to it! This will allow the teacher to show content from the iPad as well as students using the airplay feature on their devices. In order for Reflector to work - BOTH the iPad and the computer must be on the same wireless network.

After installation is complete, it is a good idea to select your airplay name. Any computer that has Reflector open will show up as a choice on the wireless device. Students (and teachers) will look for your name so that they will mirror on the correct computer.

From the iPad, double click on the home button and swipe from left to right until you reach this screen.

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The airplay icon is the one that looks similar to a tv. When the icon is highlighted in blue, that means the device is mirroring. To mirror a device onto the computer tap the airplay icon, select mirror destination, the slide selector to mirroring on.

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More than one device can mirror at a time. Keep in mind that the more devices that are mirrored, the smaller the images will be. To unmirror, or disconnect from the computer, double click on the home button, swipe from left to right, then move the slider to off.


Splashtop is an app on the iPad and an application on the computer. With this program, you will create an account in order to mirror the computer screen onto the iPad.

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After installing splashtop on the computer, a screen will pop up for you to set up an account. At the very bottom of the popup you will see "Don't have a Splashtop Account? Create One." Click to set up your account After setting up your account, you will see an icon in the upper left bar on your computer that looks like a an x splash.....

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By clicking on this shortcut icon, you can make sure you are logged in (by clicking on preferences) when preparing to use splashtop.

When opening the app on the iPad, you will be prompted to login as well.

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You should only have to login to Splashtop on the iPad one time. From then on the app will automatically log in. A screen will pop up with a list of computers that have Splashtop open. You will choose your computer from the list by tapping on the displayed name of your computer.

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Once you have your computer screen on your iPad, using your finger or a stylus, you can then manipulate your computer using the iPad as a "mouse." Be aware that the display size on your computer will change when Splashtop is engaged. To exit Splashtop, press the home key on the iPad. Next, double tap the home key in order to see what apps are open. Press and hold on Splashtop icon until it starts to wiggle then click the red minus sign.