Aurora Frontier P-8 Staff Bulletin

February 15, 2016

What is happening at Frontier:

  • 2/15-President's Day-No School
  • 2/17 Late Start - Content Teams Meet
  • 2/17-SLO Progress Monitoring Due
  • 2/17-Parent-Teacher Conferences-3:00-7:00pm
  • 2/18-Donita Torres' birthday
  • 2/18-ELT Meeting-2:45-4:15pm
  • 2/19-Charmaine Clark's birthday
  • 2/19-Fourth Grade Field Trip to History Colorado and Molly Brown House Museum-9:00-2:00pm
  • 2/20-Celi Leggett's birthday

Next Week:

  • 2/23-8th Grade Field Trip to Movie Tavern-10:00-2:00
  • 2/23-PBiS Meeting-2:45-4:00
  • 2/23-PTO/Accountability-6:00pm
  • 2/24-Joclyn Thomas' Birthday
  • 2/24-Skate City Night-4:00-6:00
  • 2/25-Vista Peak visit with 8th Grade at 8:45am
  • 2/25-Sixth Grade Field Trip to Movie Tavern-10:00-2:00
  • 2/25-2nd Grade Concert-7:00pm
  • 2/26-Spring Class Pictures

Cari's Corner

Happy Valentine's Day!

In the next week Celi and I will be sending links to our Leadership Practices Inventory(LPI). Each Principal and Assistant Principal has been asked to have at least 16 staff members to complete the LPI. I will be sending my link to the staff I each evaluate. If you would like to give feedback and you are not on my evaluation list please let me know and I will be happy to send you the link too.

Thanks for taking the time to complete this feedback as it will help us to be the leaders this building deserves.

Have a great week,


District Announcements

As a district we will continue getting feedback from staff around leadership at different levels. The survey being sent out is Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) Online. The LPI is a 360 degree assessment designed to measure specific leadership behaviors and contribute towards development as Leaders. This year the Assistant Principal will be included alongside Principals in the LPI process.

Leaders will send out the invitations to their individual link for feedback from selected staff members. If you receive a link please complete the survey by 3/3/16.

Thanks in advance for completing the survey.

Community Partners' Announcements

Red Apple Recycling~ Aurora Frontier is now a proud Little Red Schoolhouse drop off location! Many of you might have noticed our new little red schoolhouse placed in the north parking lot on Friday. What is Red Apple Recycling and what can they provide for the Community? Red Apple Recycling is a local independent 501(c)(3) corporation supporting Colorado education by helping fund wellness and sustainability programs in our local schools through textile recycling. You donate clothing and other small household items, they recycle them and our school earns money!

More information will be sent home with students next week as we introduce this amazing program to Aurora Frontier P-8. If you would like more information on Red Apple Recycling, please visit:

Many Thanks to Our Partners! Together we can make a big difference!

We are so thankful for the community support we have received in the last five months. The sharing, passion, generosity and caring of our local community has built true relationships between our partners and Aurora Frontier.

This month we would like to give a huge shout out to Lowe's for their generous paint donation which will allow us to repaint the United States map on the back patio of our school playground.

It is with the assistance of community partners like Lowe’s that Aurora Frontier P-8 can work to achieve its goals and fulfill the promise of creating a learning experience that will foster creativity, purpose and commitment to improving our world. These donations demonstrate their commitment to supporting and enhancing our children’s education.

Please let Brandi or Shelly know if you know a community partner that would like to collaborate with us at Aurora Frontier. Thank you for your continued support and all you do for Aurora Frontier! - Brandi & Shelly

Professional Learning

2/17 Late Start Wednesday

Meet with your content teams.

Strengthening Student Engagement: What Do Students Want?


Boys' Basketball

  • 2/16-AWCPA vs. Frontier
8th Grade plays at Frontier

  • 2/17-AWCPA vs. Frontier
7th Grade plays at AWCPA

  • 2/18-East vs. Frontier
7th Grade plays at Frontier

8th Grade plays at East

  • 2/23-Quest vs. Frontier
7th Grade plays at Frontier

8th Grade plays at Quest

  • 2/27-A and B Quarter and Semi-Finals

Staff Announcements

Acuity #3

Testing window is 2/9-2/22, grades 3rd - 8th.


Testing window 3/14-4/29

Literacy & Math, 3rd - 8th grades

Social Studies, 4th & 7th grades

Sub Reminder Times

Reminder, when putting in for a substitute on Wednesday late start, you must enter your time as the full day: 7:15-3:15. You can put in the comments to the sub box that the substitute does not need to show up until 9:15 for Wednesday late start. If you have any questions, please ask Lauren Hennessy for help.

MTSS Forms

If you have a student that you feel needs support, please fill out the form located in Staff Connections. Email behavior concerns to Celi, and any academic concerns to Cari.

PTO Announcements

The PTO/Accountability meeting for this month will be Tuesday, February 23rd, starting at 6:00 p.m. and will be sponsored by Dion's. We hope you'll join us!!

Staff Member Grant~

The Aurora Frontier P-8 PTO invites you to participate in the Staff Member Grant Program. PTO allocates funds for staff members to purchase items which will promote innovative teaching, improve curriculum, and enhance student life at Aurora Frontier P-8. Grant requests may be for projects, activities, books, field trips, equipment, etc. that enhance the academic lives of our students.

Grant request should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the monthly PTO meeting you wish to ask for funds and a staff representative must be present during such meeting.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this grant form.

Skate City ~

Mark your calendars and don't forget to join us for the Skate for Health Month at Skate City on Wednesday, February 24th, 4-6pm! Flyers have arrived and are available for all Friday folders next week!

We thank you for your continued support in making Aurora Frontier P-8 an excellent school for all our children to learn and grow.

Have a great week! - Aurora Frontier P-8 PTO

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Principal Honor Role

To be recognized for the Principal’s Honor Role, a student must have received two or more advanced scores and shown consistent work effort for their 1st semester report card.

Please congratulate the following students for their hard work and dedication:

1st grade

Bahnya Kim

Jackson Williams

Micah Garrison

Taran Blackwell

Nealaenah Pagibigan

Jaslyn Sepulveda

Noah Rodgers

Autumn Larsen

6th grade

Wahisa Sehar

Augustus Ecsedy

Jacob Johnson

Ahlet Khelik

Jakob Lupien

Kolby McLoughlin

Danny Vo

Johny Vu

Yohan Young

Oludurotimi Ola

Alyssa Balajonda

Michael Agsam

Sebla Abbady

7th Grade

Isaiah Cordova

Eric Neverdasovs

Ellie Newman

Gennessee Torres

Irene Kim

Samantha Jones

Savannah Drevon

Marissa Chamberas

Calvin Olsen

Jason Ta

Vy Tran

8th grade

Melanie Agsam

Spencer Ohu

Ellington Smith

Davis Truong

Jasmine Johnson

Cristian Drevon

Jordan Berry

Caleb Balatbat

Jacob Labit

Leila Green

NEXT PBIS Meeting:

Tuesday, February 23, 2:45-4pm, MTSS/Enrich training

Tuesday, March 1 , 2:45-4pm - final assembly details

SOAR ASSEMBLY, Friday March 4

Dean's Box

  • Duty this week- Megan W., Kurt, Cheryl, Sarah, Charmaine, Caleb, Christine W., Alice, Christine R., DeDe, Natalie, Shelly, Joclyn, Jennifer, Julie.
  • If you are unable to do duty please find someone to fill in.


Upcoming Events:

Spring Book Fair-February 29-March 4

February 12 is Digital Learning Day

Heard about a way to build students learning using technology, Digital Learning Day. I just found out about this day during a session at EdCampDenver this past weekend. I know it is short notice for planning and there is Acuity testing going on, but have you ever thought how you involve students in digital learning? Is it through whole group modeling, small group or independent learning. Listening to other educators talking about this day was engaging to hear the different ways teachers discussed their instruction and understandings about tech integration with students and uses for student learning. If you want to know more, I will be writing reflections on my wiki over the week. I'll post the link next week.

Equity in Learning Leadership Team

  • Meeting on Thursday.
  • I am missing a couple of goal sheets. Please get them to me by Thursday.
  • Still trying to reschedule Yemi but there are only limited days left.


Attendance: Caleb Tucker, Cheryl Rebik, Kari Santos, Erin Boyle, Celi Leggett, Cari Roberts 2:45pm-3:15pm

Building Issue/Concern/Question:

1.Grant request was submitted to PTO. PTO has found it helpful to have a representative attend the meetings to present their grant to PTO. PTO tabled the grant until they could find out more information.

Possible Solutions:

1. PTO meet during duty day so staff can attend the meetings.

2. Have a staff representative attend PTO meetings to present grants and answer PTO questions

3. Request for funding through building funds first. If not within the budget, submit grant to PTO.

Resolution/Next Steps/Ideas:

1.Cari will discuss solutions 1 and 2 with PTO.

2. Staff should request funds through building funds (submit to Lauren and she will discuss with Cari). If funding is not available, grant will be submitted to PTO.

3. After receiving a grant, please thank PTO.

Adjourned at 3:15pm