Converse's Team Report, Mar. 20

We are one team, with one mission, to be our best together!


  • Becky Schaaf will be celebrating her birthday over Spring Break. Please wish her an early birthday wish. :)
  • See our Twitter link below... I have only "tweeted" a few things but am beginning to try it out. @ConverseElem
  • I want to celebrate our special education staff this week. They are so willing to do whatever is needed for some of our most difficult kiddos and they do so with smiles on their faces all the time. Thanks, ladies, you are each a very important piece to helping meet our students' needs and keeping our school running so well!
  • Thanks, Stacie Hensley, our microwave fairy! Your "efforts" are very much appreciated!
  • Happy Spring Break to everyone. Enjoy your time away! Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of our students and staff. You all deserve the time away!!!

Team Announcements

Items in bold print are new to announcements.
  • Teachers, make sure to have the IOWA books bubbled for each student that is taking it prior to assessments beginning on Tuesday morning after the break. Please send your students to the designated area following announcements. Please make sure Jamie H has the booklets for the kdgers., Elaine has them for first grade, and Linda has the second grade booklets. Thanks!
  • In case a parent asks, due to the shorter summer, we are opting not to offer summer school this year.
  • Also a reminder that important health information can be accessed by clicking on the red outlined speech bubble next to the student's name in Skyward. The blue H has health info but not necessarily the most important info. I made the mistake last week of clicking on the blue H instead of the red speech bubble and missed something important. Luckily another person covered for my mistake but I thought I should take advantage of my error to remind others.
  • I was asked to remind staff that you can not secure your own substitute. Kristi Carmichael is the only one who can do that. Please go through Kristi to arrange all subs. I think the Converse staff has been doing a great job with that. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  • Ruth Davies is having another surgery over spring break and could possibly be out for the remainder of the school year. This is mostly precautionary to make sure no problems arise later. Rachel Day will be subbing for Ruth. Rachel was in the building on Thursday "shadowing" Ruth. Please keep Ruth's procedure and healing in your prayers. Thanks!
  • With our canceled day last week, the students' (and all support staffs') last day will now be Friday, May 29th, and teachers' last day will be Monday, June 1st.
  • Just a reminder that over Spring Break, Bob plans to be stripping the cafeteria, gym, and teacher's lounge floors and waxing to help with our shorter summer break. Please plan accordingly and don't hesitate to let him or I know of any complications you see with that plan.

Team Focus

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