By Michelle Powers

Stop being rude

When you are being rude other people dont like it. When you are rude its bullying and little kids are going to think its ok to bully to. That is why you do not want to be rude on the computer or some where else. Keep your friends safe and dont say bad things or cuse words. Its only ok to say nice things and make people happy. But if you dont cyberbully they will ask to be your friend if you to have not ment maybe you to can go on skyp and meet each other. Now you are a wounderful and great friend and you have a new friend.

Do not bully

Do not say anything that is rude,disrespectful and mean. It hurts the persons fellings when u say mean things like that. And when u say stuff like your being a bad person and that what the other person thinks to.
Cyber bullying