Levelland ISD Newsletter

April 29, 2021

Superintendent Northern's Message

Good morning LISD!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. I know that things are getting pretty busy across LISD with all the end of year activities that are going on. Put your seatbelts on and hang on because the next four weeks are going to fly by.

Just wanted to let you know that on May 27th we let students out at noon, but all LISD employees have an End-Of-Year Reception at 2:30 pm in the LMS auditorium. This takes the place of our old end-of-year breakfast the day after graduation. Retirees and years of service will be recognized.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Jeff Northern,

LISD Superintendent


Around LISD..........................

Big Shoes to Fill

LISD Board of Education called a special meeting last week to fill the role of High School Principal, which has been left open by the departure of Robbie Phillips. With Mr. Phillips' resignation, LISD had been accepting applications for the position, and the Site-Based Committee performed interviews of qualified candidates. After a brief introduction by Superintendent Jeff Northern and Assistant Superintendent Rodney Caddell, the board met Mr. Matthew Birdwell, who is currently serving as the High School Principal at Ponder, Texas. Mr. Birdwell is extensively qualified for the position having earned a Ph.D. from Texas Tech in Educational Leadership Curriculum & Instruction. He has held previous Principal positions in Perryton, and in Lorenzo for many years. Birdwell is himself from Lorenzo originally. “I’m West Texas-born and raised,” he said in a brief interview after the meeting. His father had coached in Lorenzo for many years, giving him strong ties and West Texas roots to fall back on. To that same end, he does not come this far alone. He also seeks to bring his wife, Vannessa to LISD, and she was recommended as a 4th grade ELAR teacher. After a brief deliberation, the motion to bring Mr. Birdwell aboard passed unanimously. We are glad to have him at LISD! Mr. Birdwell, you're in the right place! Story/photo courtesy KLVT.

Brain Study!

LHS students in Coach Munoz's Anatomy and Physiology Class have been learning about the brain and the different functions. They made a brain hat to memorize the different parts of the brain and to have a hands-on activity along with their dissection activity. Thanks, Coach Munoz, for stimulating your student's brains!

ABC Parent Night Grows Success!

ABC hosted a Spring Parent Night! Students and parents got to pot a plant to keep and tend. They also made a Living Necklace that grows too! We are so proud of all the parents that came out for this special night. These lucky parents left with a gift bag from ACE that includes a book on Sunflowers, more seeds, soil, and water to become a farmer! What a fun evening!

Sonnenburg Challenge!

LISD IT Specialist Devin Sonnenburg challenged students in Teresa Carter & Scott Lawson's Technology Practicum to repair a PC. They took the computer apart, found that the fan was not working, then upcycled a fan from a broken PC to repair it for use in the LHS library. Pictured is Dev Bhakta completing the repair. We are so thankful for these teachers and classes that prepare our students for 21st-Century Learning after high school! Students in these classes are amazing!

Bearded Dragons in Class?

LHS Junior Kyndle Folger was a guest speaker in Miss Lindsey Brown and Miss D'Nae Wilson's Pre Veterinary Science class. Kyndle is an expert on exotic animals and is planning on becoming an exotic animal veterinarian. Students learned about bearded dragons and enjoyed the experience of holding the lizard. Thank you, Miss Brown, Miss Wilson, & Miss Folger for having a hands-on learning activity for students to experience!

Earth Day Bird Feeders!

On Earth Day South Elementary first graders in Mrs. Morgan Combs' class teamed up with Keep Levelland Beautiful to make bird feeders that will help our environment. The students followed "How To" directions and were successful in making this tasty treat for our bird friends. Thanks to the Chamber & Keep Levelland Beautiful for visiting South and these fun supplies for a great lesson!

Lemonade Anyone?

ABC Kindergarteners in Mrs. Hannah Pugh's class have been studying economics and ways to earn money. The class decided to host a Lemonade Stand to sell glasses of lemonade for a quarter! Mrs. Pugh went the extra mile to teach her students to answer questions from adults on introductions, how much the lemonade costs, and what a quarter looked like. Students were further challenged by having to make change for dollar bills! Mrs. Pugh, this was a great lesson that will last a lifetime because students learned a way to make money!

LMS Band Takes Sweepstakes!

All Three LMS Bands (Beginner, Concert & Symphonic) performed at the Aberthany Music Festival. Each band prepared three contest pieces and sight read for the audience a tune they had never seen prior. The Judges are well-respected band directors from around the Lubbock area and had many great things to say about each band's performances. All of the judges gave the student's 1st division rating in both concert and sight-reading, giving them the Sweepstakes! LMS Band Director Gary Owens says, "These students have been truly amazing this year and we look forward to many more great performances from each of these students in future years." Congratulations kids on your hard work paying off! #LevellandISD

Computer Clean-Out!

We all know how dirty it can get around Levelland from the blowing dust. But have you ever thought about the inside of your computers? They require cleaning too and that is just a part of the LHS Computer Maintenance in Mr. Lawson and Mrs. Carter's Lobo Tech classes. When seeing this, we bet we could all use a clean-out! A huge thank you to Victoria Thongvaughn and Kyndle Folger who helped the maintenance class blow out computers in the library this week.

ABC Gets Little Library

LISD Sodexo Maintenance Technician Randy Taylor was caught installing ABC's new "Little Library!" The libraries are around town already, and ABC is glad to have one as well. Students and parents can swing by anytime to find a book for all ages! The concept is take a book, leave a book! Thank you, United Super Markets for the paperback book donation to the ABC Little Library & thank you Randy for always making LISD a great place to learn!

LISD is Tech-Savvy!

LISD is an incredibly tech-savvy district as we continue to work on the 1:1 Digital Initiative! This school year alone, our teachers and students have created 8,902 videos using Screencastify, with 791 unique users. Screencastify is a Chrome extension that makes it easy for LISD teachers and students to record, edit, and share their computer screen videos via email, YouTube, SeeSaw, or Google Classroom. Screencastify gives teachers a way to reach students with lessons and conversations, and it gives students a voice to express in their learning. We are so proud of all the 21st-Century learning that happens in LISD! LHS Chemistry teacher Lindsey Brown shares a short Screencastify Video on Thermodynamics that shows how she reaches out to students. Thank you to all our awesome LISD teachers who make this the right place to be!

Migrant PAC Meeting Ends with Monkeys!

Our LISD Migrant Program held their Parent Advisory Committee Meeting and had several guest speakers. The goal of our Migrant Program is to help parents enable students to have academic success. Liz Rice and Mary Cardona welcomed all the parents before they heard Ms. Margarita Amado provide information on Immigration from the Catholic Charities of Lubbock. Parents also heard from Ms. Lola Villegas from the Levelland South Clinic on COVID-19 issues and how to get the vaccine. And finally, they experienced a fun activity on "How To Cook with Kid" from Mrs. Donna Pugh. Mrs. Pugh offered advice for parents to cook with young children, using a cookbook that had been given to all Migrant Parents, that includes some recipes that don't even require heat! Parents ended the meeting by eating Mrs. Pugh's delicious food such as Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Monkey Banana Pops! We are so thankful for our Migrant Program that reaches out to Parents that need a little extra information for success!

Cow and Pony Show!

Students at ABC enjoyed outdoor classrooms this week while learning about dairy cows from Garret Wilson and the Southwest Dairy Farmers. Mr. Wilson brought Dotty, the 800-pound jersey cow, to teach the littles about how we get milk and the healthy options that milk brings to us. Students also got to experience the lost art of trick roping from Brice Chapman and his daughter Gracie. Brice and his daughter put on a show, using his horses and showing them how to walk an invisible dog. It was a great day to learn about animals in Texas!

YELL Elects Officers

LHS students attended a YELL (Young Emerging Leaders of Levelland) meeting at lunch today to elect officers for the 2021-2022 School Year. Outgoing President Kalgarie Oaks held the election. Eliza Zamora was elected YELL President. Keaton Oaks was elected Vice President. Kenna Ruiz was elected Vice President of Public Relations. Damion Rubalcava was elected to Social Media VP. Vice President of Membership is Audrey Miller and Riley Siders was elected to Vice President of Community Service. Discussion of earning graduation cords was also held with seniors. Seniors earning cords had to attend two YELL meetings this semester, as well as participate in two of these: snack buckets to first responders in February, Bill's BackPack Food Drive in January, Bill's BackPack Packing Bags in February, or the Community Clean-Up in April. The senior YELL cords will be presented at the Chamber Banquet on May 5th. Congratulations to all these hard-working students!

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