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Natural & Nuturious! Natures gift and a unique product from Soyabean. Roti Plus is natural Soyabean product having omega-3 & omega-6 essential fatty acids. Roti plus contant Phosphatidylcholine which is essential phospholipids. Roti plus improves the digestion power of Body.

Bread and Pastry

The addition of lecithin to bread dough reinforces the effect of the natural components of the flour and also improves the work-ability and machine-ability. It has been demonstrated that hydrolyzed lecithin (lysophospholipids) has a better performance in bread and pastry goods due to its higher polarity. Our LECIBREM range of products contains an enzymatically hydrolyzed lecithin that interacts actively with the protein and the starch of the flour. In this way a more extensible dough with less porosity is achieved, yielding a more loaf volume. Emulsifiers have the task of facilitating the baking process. Lecithin, as an emulsifier, acts perfectly in this way but also improves flavour and taste, achieving first-class goods. Im addition, hydrolysed lecithin, extends the shelf life of bread in a similar degree than glycerine monostearate (GMS), which is one of the most useful anti-staling agents.

Other Baked Products

The use of lecithin in chemically-leavened pastry seeks three main effects: dough rheology adaptation to the process, anti-sticking properties and a reduction in greasiness. The addition of 0.3% to 1% of lecithin on fat basis improves the release effect of the fat and acts as a process aid in the production of biscuits, crackers and cookies. This lubricant effect is especially important when rotary dyes are used or when complex impressions must be made. This effect is very useful in waffle production, in which a high iron-grid release is required. In the same way, for the ice-cream cone production, lecithin helps to obtain a clean release from the mould. By thr addition of enzymatically hydrolyzed lecithin, LYSOL(liquid) or LECIBREM(on a solid support), the fat dcontent of the biscuits can be reduced whilst maintaining or even improving its machinability. This fat reduction gives a better eating quality and consumer acceptance, mainly within the market of dietic products.