Health And Medicine

Medicine greatly improved during Industrial Revolution.

People were unhealthy

A lot of the water was contaminated, that could give people Cholera until scientist found that certain microbes cause certain infections and can be prevented by vaccines and medicine.

Advances in surgery

In the 1800's anesthesia was first used during surgery, making the patient feel no pain. This helped doctors experiment more and figure out more about the human body.

This made operations that would never be even thought of to be easily done.

being cleaner

The hospitals had to be more sanitized cause people would have operations and die days after due to infections from the tools.people were more scared of the

doctors than the sickness itself. Going top the hospital used to be symbolized as you were going to die soon. Once antibiotics were invented it would get rid of the infection.

Why it was horrible before

Before the Industrial Revolution the urban areas were over crowded, had poor sanitation, poor diets, and still used mid-evil medical remedies. The streets were dirty and muddy with no sidewalks, and the houses that people lived in were closely packed together so they had no ventilation, they also had no sewage systems. In the 1800's 25-33 percents of kids died before their 5th birdthday. The water would easily get contaminated causing cholera. In 1849 10,000 people died of cholera.