The Fall

Who shall fight and die

will you my laddie?

With fairness:an eye for an eye

is that you my laddie?

A war of youthful hate

its you my laddie

Short lived, painful ill fate

serves you my laddie

A suit stained with red

on you my laddie

soaked with the blood of the dead

my laddie

you shoot and call out a cry

my laddie

and then lay there, waiting to die

my laddie

Does the good outweigh the bad

now laddie?

Peace we wish we still had

gone now laddie

The leaders who don't give a care

never know what its like to be there

Reality of War

The glory and bliss of war that is demonstrated countlessly by poets and leaders around the world, is unfair and misleading. War is a terrible affair, putting young men to their death, in mass, for the sake of political power. The raw brutality of war is unimaginable for the public to concieve. The naiveness of the public forces them to neglect the crude follies of war. Insanity, starvation, and lack of any accommodations, are caused in war. In no way is this a reflection of bravery, heroism, and glory. War is not worth fighting.