The Cell Cycle

Mady White and Ciara Page


  • The first step of the cell cycle is Interphase.
  • Cells spend 90% of the cell cycle in this phase.
  • Interphase has three stages: G1 (cell growth), S (Synthesis; DNA transcribes itself), and G2 (Growth Phase; preparation for Mitosis)


  • This is the first step of Mitosis (process by which two daughter cells are made).
  • In prophase, the nucleus and nuclear membrane will begin to disappear inside the cell, and the centrioles begin to move opposite sides of the cell.


  • The second step in Mitosis is Metaphase.
  • In Metaphase, the chromosomes arrange themselves in the center of the cell.
  • The centrioles and spindle fibers connected to the chromosomes in the center.


  • The third step in Mitosis is Anaphase.
  • In Anaphase, the sister chromotids will repel from each other to opposite ends of the cell.


  • The last step in Mitosis is Telophase.
  • In Telophase, two nuclei form and begin to separate into two cells.
  • The Chromatin coils DNA in a super tight bond.


  • The final step in the cell cycle is Cytokinesis.
  • In Cytokinesis, the cytoplasm divides into two, forming to new cells.

The following is a video explaining the whole cell cycle.

Cell Division and the Cell Cycle