by: Edward Linton

Unhealthy VS. Non-healthy

Have you ever thought of eating healthy? This paragraph is about you eating healthier then

you eating yourself to death.

body 1

First, There are many foods that are bad for your health. Cheeseburgers are bad for you they carrie over 1,000 of fating. Still thinking that it has vegetables on it so no it isn't 1,000 calories well think about it. Grease! Which is on burgers too Duh, grease is what causes the body to expand.

healthy foods

Try eating healthy foods like fish, ratatouille, and onions. Fish is great for you fights heart diseases such as heart cancer. Ratatouille has vegetables which carries vitamin's A, B ,C , and D. Onions carry vitamin D which is good for your eye sight just like carrots.


It is important to eat healthy once a day because its good to have a healthy body. Start eating healthy at least once a day like from the the list that you see. however it is important to stay in shape.
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