Mrs. Schram

*8th Grade Algebra 1*/*8th Grade Pre-Algebra*

  • 1st Period 7:50-8:40
  • 2nd Period 8:44-9:34
  • 3rd Period 9:38-10:28
  • 4th Period 10:32-11:22
  • 5th Period (Tiger Time)11:26-12:02
  • 6th Period (Conference Period)12:06-1:02
  • Lunch 1:02-1:32
  • 7th Period 1:36-2:26
  • 8th Period 2:30-3:20

Classroom Rules/Expectations:

  • Be prompt.
  • Be prepared-paper,pencil, homework.
  • Be Respectful.
  • Be Attentive.
  • Be a TIGER!!!

Why was the math book sad? "It had too many problems!!!!"

Things to know:

  • Homework is assigned daily.....It provides the necessary practice for students to become proficient in the concepts that are taught.
  • Tutorials are available during Tiger Time. Please make contact with the teacher to ensure that the student is on the list and that a spot is available. Students may also schedule tutorials in the morning.


Algebra 1: Text @8thALG-MS to 81010.

8th Grade Pre-Algebra: Text @8thPA-MS to 81010.

Contact Information: